Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer Fun {Ooh La La Beauty Salon}

Remember when I surprised Lauren with some pampering at the Ooh La La Beauty Salon?
She has wanted me to recreate that afternoon for awhile now, but with friends.
Billy was out of town and a few other dad's were away, so it seemed like a great time to host a few girls for a little salon fun!
 The set up was simple but impressive to the girls (and Wills).  I snipped a few flowers from our garden, picked up a bottle of sparkling lemonade and had chairs for them to sit in while they waited for their "appointment."

Enjoying a beverage before the fun began!
 This time I made the banana and honey mask that Fancy Nancy references in the book and we applied it while they were "relaxing" with cucumbers on their eyes.  They enjoyed the mask for all of five minutes, but I think it added to the whole experience:)
While soaking their feet they got to enjoy a parfait...also part of the story and a touch Lauren wanted me to include.  But again, so easy.  Vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit, and granola.

 They picked the color they wanted and the mom's painted away! 
  Red, purple, and pink piggies for all the little ladies and Wills too!
Maybe next year we'll add manicures;)



Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Fun {Greenfield Village}

As promised, another post from one of our favorite places.  
Greenfield Village never disappoints and even though we've been there a ton, we keep finding something new on each visit!

 On this visit we rode the Model T cars for the first time, I'm not sure why I bypassed this before, as the wait wasn't too long and the kids loved riding in the old car.

There is also a new playground that just opened last fall.  The kids could have stayed there for a good part of the day.  It's designed to resemble a 1930's construction site, but has so much of what kids want today.  The boiler below is interactive and sprays and mists water depending on what you touch, and what parent doesn't love the rubber surface for safer landings!

William had great aspirations to conquer this rock wall, but it wasn't working out for him.
Kids seemed to be hovering around this hand pump water station.  I wish I had snapped a large picture showing how the water travels down through the wood basin.  The whole playground was very interactive and a great addition to the village.

It was just the kids and I on this trip.  We've gone solo, in a small group, and in a large group.  We always have fun, but the visit seems more special when it's just us.  We seem to get to see more and I get to enjoy the one on one time that can sometimes be lost when we're home and a zillion things start to distract me.
Because it was just us, there was time to stop and smell the flowers.  The gardens outside the chapel were beautiful!

Puppet show!
And of course, the carousel ride!  
Lauren picked a rather famous that Clint Eastwood (we were told) took a ride on!
And of course, a stop for ice cream!
Posting these pictures and reliving our visit has me wanting to head back this fall.  It might just be a trip for Wills and I, with Lauren at school.  Shhhh, don't tell her!
Thanks for letting me share our day at Greenfield Village again!  
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