Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer Fun {Finding Neverland}

About a ten minute drive from our house along Lake St. Clair is the former Edsel Ford Mansion.  The home and grounds are now open for tours, weddings, and other events.  This summer they were hosting character weekends with a Neverland theme.
I didn't know anyone that had been to the event, so I wasn't sure how age appropriate it was.  But it was right on the money!  You were given a map to help you find clues and hidden letters that would eventually make a word and you could turn in to receive a prize.  Lauren and William can't read, but with us reading the clues, they could find them!  Along the way we met Wendy and Tinkerbell...pixie dust away!!

One of the little cottages on the grounds were transformed into the Darling's home.  It also included a pirate/peter pan room and mermaid room where the kids could dress up.

 We also got to step inside Tinkerbell's house!

Behind her house were missing shadows, games, and a craft!

 While looking for the clues, Lauren became very interested in finding the mermaids...wouldn't you know, there was an actual mermaid lagoon!

 Look closely, I think there is one hiding way back there;)

Enjoy your Sunday!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer Fun {Ooh La La Beauty Salon}

Remember when I surprised Lauren with some pampering at the Ooh La La Beauty Salon?
She has wanted me to recreate that afternoon for awhile now, but with friends.
Billy was out of town and a few other dad's were away, so it seemed like a great time to host a few girls for a little salon fun!
 The set up was simple but impressive to the girls (and Wills).  I snipped a few flowers from our garden, picked up a bottle of sparkling lemonade and had chairs for them to sit in while they waited for their "appointment."

Enjoying a beverage before the fun began!
 This time I made the banana and honey mask that Fancy Nancy references in the book and we applied it while they were "relaxing" with cucumbers on their eyes.  They enjoyed the mask for all of five minutes, but I think it added to the whole experience:)
While soaking their feet they got to enjoy a parfait...also part of the story and a touch Lauren wanted me to include.  But again, so easy.  Vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit, and granola.

 They picked the color they wanted and the mom's painted away! 
  Red, purple, and pink piggies for all the little ladies and Wills too!
Maybe next year we'll add manicures;)