Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Weeks, Too cute!

This is going to be a quick post because its been a long day. I had the morning with just William because Lauren went to the circus with Grandma Robin and Grandpa Bill (pics to come and apparently she had a BLAST!)

I was busy trying to organize all the maternity clothes so I can say Bon Voyage! It was a nice a trip, we had fun together, but its time to say GOOD BYE! I got some other things done, but couldn't believe that even with just one child, everything seemed to take forever. I'm going to blame that on sleep deprivation. And when Lauren got home, she was bouncing off the walls and I was ready to crash. There is only so much we can do at home to entertain her when you can't go anywhere. I promise I'll stop complaining about being stuck at home as soon as the weather turns. We all know its not in my nature to just SIT. And I think I've passed that along to Lauren:)
William is just doing awesome. Sleeping a ton, but overall a great baby. He gets a little fussy at the 1am-2am hour and because of what an amazingly easy baby Lauren was, Billy and I look at each other at a loss for what to do. "He just ate." "I just changed him." "Did you try XXX?" And then all of a sudden he stops.
I really don't know who he looks like. I gave him a bath today and actually said to Lauren "he looks like someone."
I love his little faces, especially when I catch a "smile" in his sleep.
And he seems to be waking up a little more each day...and looking around at this crazy family he is now a part of! We are so happy is here and completely PERFECT!
This is his "whatcha talkin' about Willis" face...haha!

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look at her garden grow

Lauren and Billy are growing a garden. It started as cucumber and tomato seeds in a little tray and over the weekend they had to transfer them to bigger containers.

Lauren got to get a little dirty going out and gathering up the dirt!
Rain boots were caked in dirt
The transfer was a far:)
We managed to get a couple pics of Lauren and William now that Lauren has recovered, but its tough when we think she could be crushing his skull.
Here Lauren is with William, her new Woody doll from Uncle Brando, pj's and of course, PEARLS!

We are settling in a little more each day, but really hoping the weather turns soon so we can head out for walks. But we are getting a lot of help from grandma Mary and grandpa Bill this week and are so grateful!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't photograph my pants...

When I started the blog I promised myself I was going to post EVERYTHING....the good, the bad, and the ugly. I was going to celebrate it all, because heh, that's life. Today's post is just that.

I shouldn't completely say "the ugly" when you look at the following pictures because our beautiful William is in all of them. What is ugly, are the pants. We were taking some shots of William before and after his bath and the number one thing I said was "don't photograph me in these pants."
We all know I'm a little vain. Ok, maybe a lot at times, but when it comes to just having a baby and not feeling like yourself, I'm sorry, but I don't really want any ugly pictures. But, I couldn't resist posting these pictures. Are these pictures of William's first bath or my polka dotted pj's?
Uh, hello big bootie???
And this one, my personal favorite, the pants are what is in focus! When I saw the pictures, instead of getting ticked off and telling Billy he was the worst photographer, I just laughed. This is an Aubrey and Billy moment at its best. So part good and part ugly.

No pics of the bad....we just had a rough few days since Lauren returned on Monday. We thought she was much better and had my mom bring her home. While her fever was gone and she started eating for my mom, she came here and this bug just wouldn't leave. Luckily and knocking on wood for the millionth time, no one else has gotten sick. She is finally back to her old self, but it was hard not being able to mother her. I kept my distance to make sure William and I didn't get sick, but I cried about not being able to soothe her.

I also cried because I had a headache for two and half days for no reason. And cried because I'm getting cabin fever....where can one go with a week old baby? Or even without him when you feed every two hours? And don't even suggest a walk because its 30 degrees and I can't go far while being sore. But believe me, I'm thinking of our escape.

And lastly, while showering, doing my hair and putting on makeup all help when you're not back to your old are still not back to your old self. I cried about that too, but each day it gets better and better...God just should have made it an instant bounce back. Just sayin.

And maybe the tears helped because today I woke up headache free and felt like a whole new person. Really, sooo much better. Sometimes you just need a good cry or couple of cries to get it out. But I'm not going to kid myself. Billy returns to work tomorrow and then the real fun begins:)

On Monday we took William in for first doctor appointment and he had already gained 4 oz. He was 4 lbs 13 oz and just one ounce away from his birth weight. We were thrilled!!

William is just doing awesome. The feedings are going great, he is sleeping well and so far he is just a really easy baby. I've even been handling the nights all on my own because Billy was on Lauren duty and we thought this way he could be super dad during the day if he was more rested.
William's first the doctor, real thrilling!
And of course a stop at Trader Joe's. I think we've been there three times since we came home from the hospital. William and I just waited in the car and for some reason Billy forgot where he parked....JK!

Hopefully some pics of Lauren and William to come...



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We are in L-O-V-E

We have had a few days home just Billy, William and I because Lauren has been sick with the flu. As much as we wanted our little girl home with us, it was almost a blessing in disguise. We got to get settled for a few days and spend some time just enjoying without the distraction of our toddler.
He is just adorable. You forget about the newborn stage and we are welcoming all the joys of it....watching his facial expressions as he sleeps, high fiving when he makes a good poop, and of course, calling him a zillion nicknames. Lauren's nickname eventually became "Bugs", we'll see what William gets. Lauren even said on Saturday "heh, buddy"
This was right after his bath and Billy and I can't get over his rockin' hair....seriously, he's ready for tour (insert air guitar motion).
We are all doing well. Lauren is now home and not completely back to her old self, but curious about her little brother. This morning she said "this baby is so cute" or "look at his little hands." She even put her copy of Toy Story in his pack n play, ya know, in case he wants to watch it.

Even the nights are getting better. We are falling into a rhythm which I am sure could change, but last night he slept in the pack n play all swaddled up for the whole night...way to go little DUDE!
I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has sent prayers and thoughts our way over the last few months and the well wishes over the last few days. Having William come out completely healthy was what everyone was praying for and its exactly what happened. We are over the moon for this little guy and so ready for our new adventure.



Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome to the world Prince William

The Crawford Clan welcomed William Armstrong Crawford on March 17, 2011 at 11:35pm. He made his debut stretching out at 18 inches long and weighing in at 4 lbs 14 oz.
Despite the early arrival, William is doing awesome and everyone came home on Saturday. More pics to follow soon...

The day started off very usual with a trip to Kiddie Klub to see some of mom and Lauren's friends.She loves the slide as well as taking her socks off and walking around this place and everywhere else barefoot.
Had to capture random kid laying under slide. There is always THAT weird kid.

And before we left for the doctor for my weekly check up I wanted to capture some last mama, Lauren and pregnancy moments.
I love this belly shot and may frame this to remember the pregnancy.
We were enjoying the warm Saint Patricks Day weather....hope its this nice next year for William's birthday!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tea for Two

We had a fancy tea party yesterday. Complete with a hat, bracelet, gloves and for the first time we used her china tea set (a baby gift from Aunt Meghan). I set it up all up with the door closed and Lauren in the hallway and told her to get ready for this special tea party with mom.
When I opened the door she was so excited about what was on the table.
We cheers-ed about 100 times and had refill after refill. It was cute until she found the box that the tea set came in and proceeded to rip apart the styrofoam, throw it on the floor and even attempt to eat it. Needless to say, the fancy tea party was over, tea set immediately returned to the closet and I began to vacuum. HA!
But thank you Target dollar bin for the hat and gloves...she went to bed with her hat on Monday night:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And we wait.

We are ready. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally. I keep finding more laundry to do and little things to take my mind off of the anticipation, but it doesn't work. We're having another baby, most likely, in a few days! Plus, this is almost my favorite part...the shift. Life is about to change for the better and we'll walk out this door one way and come home forever changed. I always tell people to really soak up the last days/weeks because that chapter of life will soon end and another will begin. Sure, you can go back in small doses like date nights, sleepovers to the grandparents or vacations to reconnect as a couple. And I imagine I'll have special mom and Lauren days, but its not the same. We were two, then three, and soon four.

For the first time yesterday I really got sentimental about being a mother to son. I spent a lot of my pregnancy with Lauren thinking about how wonderful a daughter would be because I am a daughter and I have a wonderful bond with my mom. But it was listening to a song yesterday that opened my eyes to bringing a boy into this world. I just haven't had the time to appreciate and wrap my arms around having a boy with everything else that has gone on over the last few months.

But, I'm embracing it now. I can hang with the fellas...who better to watch an MSU game with? I'll be his number one fan along the sidelines. And from what other mothers of sons say....there is something uniquely special about being a mother to a little boy, can't wait! But I've been really thinking about what he'll look like and who he'll take after. Will he have dark or light hair? Curly or straight? Tall like a Crawford, or short like a Moir? TALL, PLEASE!
Left to, PJ and Sean...just a few days old
I'm not sure how old Billy was here, but it was within the first month. I really love this picture of him and Robin. Just precious.

Lauren...1 day old, can you believe how alert she was?

And speaking of Lauren...a special tea party is calling for my girl and I. Pics to follow!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Rain, rain go away...but not SNOW!

I took this yesterday after looking out at this grossness for two days....but then,
awoke to this today. Seriously, I couldn't be more ready for spring. Maybe its because we didn't go on vacation, maybe its because I'm longing to put the Ugg's away for the season and let me feet breathe without socks, or maybe the few days of sunshine and slightly warmer weather were instant mood lifters that seeing this snow just makes me depressed again. Whatever the reason...please spring, get here fast!
Lauren is ready for spring....check out her full denim skirt (even has tulle underneath). I'm so jealous because I've seen these full skirts in magazines and catalogs and can't wait to sport one myself. I admit, not the best pictures to show off her hottest spring item, but I was playing around with my newest IPOD touch.

After losing my nano over six months ago, I realized that St. Anthony wasn't bringing it back no matter how hard I prayed so tada, I've reconnected to the 21st century and will no longer be burning CD's to listen to in the car. And this new accessory has a sweet app that can take pictures and make them look like this....check out the Hipstamatic app!
But we did celebrate this snowy morning with Billy's homemade smoothies.....soooo yummy! They were an instant mood lifter to start our Friday....thanks for taking the time to blend these up.

2 overripe bananas
1 cup frozen berry medley
1 cup milk
honey (2ish Tbsp)
cranberry juice (to taste)

Have a great weekend

Sunday, March 6, 2011


We are getting closer and closer to the arrival of baby Crawford, picturing the days leading up to his arrival, what labor will like and of course, the moment we meet him. I had visions of what this pregnancy would be like back in August, thinking of all the things that I would do different with this time vs. what I did with Lauren. And well, my vision was certainly not the reality I was dealt. The first three months were tiring and filled with food aversions and then just when I was feeling better, my dad took his own life. I focused on taking care of myself while grieving the unimaginable as well as trying to put my best foot forward for Lauren. They were tough months and the joy of pregnancy took a complete backseat.

But then as the new year was approaching I vowed to start anew, really savor these last few months, and then another bomb dropped that our baby was measuring small and there could be a possible placenta abnormality. It was scary for all of January, but here we are, 35 weeks and he is still cooking, still looking beautiful on the ultrasound every week. It was a lot to take after everything else, but being where I am today is the best possible thing that the doctors wanted. We all know that no matter what happens now, he'll be OK!

I'm ready though, not just bags packed, clothes washed, and the room in place, but ready for the pregnancy to be over. I want and I deserve this new beginning and our baby will be just that!
It may not have been what I pictured, but there have been many joys this time around. I think this baby moves a lot more, or maybe I was just too busy preparing to be a mother that I didn't pay attention with Lauren and I can this time around because we aren't preparing like we we were. And even though Lauren doesn't quite get what's going on, I love when she kisses her baby brother, presses her ear to my belly to listen to him, and as of late, uses my belly as her personal pillow.