Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Weeks, Too cute!

This is going to be a quick post because its been a long day. I had the morning with just William because Lauren went to the circus with Grandma Robin and Grandpa Bill (pics to come and apparently she had a BLAST!)

I was busy trying to organize all the maternity clothes so I can say Bon Voyage! It was a nice a trip, we had fun together, but its time to say GOOD BYE! I got some other things done, but couldn't believe that even with just one child, everything seemed to take forever. I'm going to blame that on sleep deprivation. And when Lauren got home, she was bouncing off the walls and I was ready to crash. There is only so much we can do at home to entertain her when you can't go anywhere. I promise I'll stop complaining about being stuck at home as soon as the weather turns. We all know its not in my nature to just SIT. And I think I've passed that along to Lauren:)
William is just doing awesome. Sleeping a ton, but overall a great baby. He gets a little fussy at the 1am-2am hour and because of what an amazingly easy baby Lauren was, Billy and I look at each other at a loss for what to do. "He just ate." "I just changed him." "Did you try XXX?" And then all of a sudden he stops.
I really don't know who he looks like. I gave him a bath today and actually said to Lauren "he looks like someone."
I love his little faces, especially when I catch a "smile" in his sleep.
And he seems to be waking up a little more each day...and looking around at this crazy family he is now a part of! We are so happy is here and completely PERFECT!
This is his "whatcha talkin' about Willis" face...haha!

Happy Thursday!


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