Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And we wait.

We are ready. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally. I keep finding more laundry to do and little things to take my mind off of the anticipation, but it doesn't work. We're having another baby, most likely, in a few days! Plus, this is almost my favorite part...the shift. Life is about to change for the better and we'll walk out this door one way and come home forever changed. I always tell people to really soak up the last days/weeks because that chapter of life will soon end and another will begin. Sure, you can go back in small doses like date nights, sleepovers to the grandparents or vacations to reconnect as a couple. And I imagine I'll have special mom and Lauren days, but its not the same. We were two, then three, and soon four.

For the first time yesterday I really got sentimental about being a mother to son. I spent a lot of my pregnancy with Lauren thinking about how wonderful a daughter would be because I am a daughter and I have a wonderful bond with my mom. But it was listening to a song yesterday that opened my eyes to bringing a boy into this world. I just haven't had the time to appreciate and wrap my arms around having a boy with everything else that has gone on over the last few months.

But, I'm embracing it now. I can hang with the fellas...who better to watch an MSU game with? I'll be his number one fan along the sidelines. And from what other mothers of sons say....there is something uniquely special about being a mother to a little boy, can't wait! But I've been really thinking about what he'll look like and who he'll take after. Will he have dark or light hair? Curly or straight? Tall like a Crawford, or short like a Moir? TALL, PLEASE!
Left to right...me, PJ and Sean...just a few days old
I'm not sure how old Billy was here, but it was within the first month. I really love this picture of him and Robin. Just precious.

Lauren...1 day old, can you believe how alert she was?

And speaking of Lauren...a special tea party is calling for my girl and I. Pics to follow!


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