Monday, December 31, 2012

Favorite Posts from 2012

I wanted to share a few of my most favorite posts from the past year. I really love writing this blog and appreciate all of you who visit regularly...even if it's just my closest friends checking ten times a day.  It's a place that is just for me and while I know it's also a place for family and friends to catch up on all things Crawford, I hope that I may have inspired you as well.  Thank you so much for stopping by!  

Happy New Year!  May 2013 bring health and happiness to you and your family!

And lastly, my most popular post from 2012.  It was such fun sharing the process and I hope you enjoyed watching it come together.  We've actually made a few tweaks that I will share in 2013.  



Friday, December 28, 2012

New Mexico Recap

Our travel day started early and included a plane change.  We did our best to keep them quietly entertained but whining happened and Wills had crazy man strength when he wanted out of his seat.  But when they were quiet, we could exhale and relax for a second.

We were so happy once we were settled into the hotel and were greeted by Aunt Cara!  
The adults enjoyed a much needed happy hour before heading out.

Contrary to popular belief, it was not sunny and warm in Albuquerque.  We left one cold climate for another, but decided to brave the cold for a popular holiday destination called The River of Lights near the Rio Grande.

 The kids loved it!  We walked through gardens to see a display of anything you can think of decorated in lights!  There were model trains on display, carolers, and a maze.
We didn't last long.  It was colder than our Floridian relatives bargained for:)

On Friday morning, we headed toward the mountains to the city of Madrid.  A former ghost town turned artists colony.  It was basically a tiny stretch of shops with unique gifts and treasures for sale, and we also stumbled upon this.
Don't mind if we do!

I've seen one or two of these at a tourist location, but an entire park?  Fun!

We then stopped for a drink and bite to eat at the Mine Shaft Tavern.  A great find!

It was a great adventure that went a little wrong.  Out of nowhere, Wills puked in the car.  I skip the gory details, but it was bad and at first we thought it was maybe motion sickness, but it really was a stomach bug.  We ended up missing the rehearsal dinner and I got sick later that night.  We both rallied for the wedding which was the most important part, but sicknesses lingered and it just isn't how you want to spend your family vacation, especially an important family wedding.

(silver lining: Wills is shirtless but upon cleaning him off we spotted an alpaca.  Don't worry, there's a fence)

Post wedding we spent the afternoon at Ken's sisters house.  It was an amazing home and had a beautiful view of the mountains.

Lauren and William were in their glory with the playscape and other kids.
(yep, he's in pajamas and the new coat we were forced to buy)

Friendships were made all around and we hope we'll see them all again.

Especially with the way these two hit it off.  Ken's daughter, Olivia is six years old and was so sweet to Lauren.  They were fast friends and it was hard for Lauren to say goodbye.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Merry Christmas

We made it back from New Mexico with plenty of time to spare before the big guy arrived!  We enjoyed a quiet dinner at home with the kids followed by a viewing of "A Christmas Story."  It was a late night even after a long day of travel, but luckily everyone slept in.
Santa's big gift to the kids were plasma cars.  He left a string of lights for them to follow which was a huge hit!  The cars are getting lots of playing time in the basement and so glad he brought one for each.
Parents put so much time and effort into Christmas each year to make it better than the last and it can be stressful but usually in the end it's always worth it.  And this year especially, it was so worth it and so rewarding to know that the time and effort spent made their Christmas.
We then hurried to Grandma's for brunch and presents.  The kids were completely surprised and in love with the wagon they got.  Thankfully grandma's house was big enough for us to take the kids for a few laps because it probably won't get much use for awhile.
The time change had certainly caught up with Lauren and William and they both crashed right before dinner was served.  What a perfect Christmas gift they gave us...wink, wink.

I hope that Santa was good to all of you!
Merry Christmas from The Crawford Clan!



Monday, December 24, 2012

Cara and Ken's Marry Christmas

We are now headed home from a wonderful wedding weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It was a perfect little wedding with just 23 here goes lots of pictures!
I'll be back at some point with the details of the rest of our trip!

rehearsal dinner and ladies brunch
Posing for pics before the ceremony

The bride before the wedding.  
She looked stunning!

I love this picture of Grandma Robin and William
And this one!  A framer for sure!
All the Crawford men wore matching bow ties, sooo handsome!

Congratulations Cara and Ken!
It's clear by your faces and all the beautiful toasts that the both of you make each other so  happy!  Love you guys!



Sunday, December 23, 2012

O Christmas Tree!

It's been such a fun holiday season and all the little things have lead up to the big day.  The tree has been decorated for awhile, but really isn't complete until surrounded by all the presents!

I loved decorating the tree growing up.  Searching for favorite ornaments and rediscovering all my homemade treasures to hang.  Our personal ornaments were ours to hang and we all wanted ours displayed front and center.  When the other wasn't looking, my brothers and I would take turns moving each other's ornaments to the back.  

Our tree doesn't have many personal ornaments, but my favorites are carefully displayed and out of little one's reach.  I added a little leopard this year since I'm so in love with it lately.


The other new addition were stockings.  I scored these at Target last year for next to nothing and had our family friend personalize them.  I think adding some gold to the stockings would really complete the look and tie in well with the rest of the decor.
Lastly, we put a tree in Lauren's room this year.  This was my first tree that I bought when I first lived on my own.  It fits perfectly in her room and displays all her homemade ornaments.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Find

I have found your holiday lipstick!
Remember black honey?  The universal lipstick.  Well, this is the perfect Christmas red for anyone.

Thanks to Jocelyn who found and shared it with me!
She's blonde, I'm a brunette, and she sold it to a redhead too.
A perfect final touch to all your holiday ensembles!