Monday, January 23, 2012

It Snowed.

Ask and you shall receive.  
We got our snow.  
Not that you could tell by looking outside right now, its almost 50 deg.

I have to admit, I like to shovel snow.  I can't say I love it, but there is something about it I enjoy.  It is a task that once complete, is complete until it snows again.  And I love completing tasks.  It's also exercise.  A two for one, another thing I like!  

Lauren and I got to play in the snow Saturday morning, something I missed out last winter while pregnant.  It was finger tingling cold out but I taught her how to make a snow angel:)



Friday, January 20, 2012

Five Things

Just Baked

I stopped here to get cupcakes for dessert to welcome home Billy after a long trip this week.  I had been craving them ALL week, and sometimes you just need a good excuse to sell the calories to yourself.  

More slow cooking

Check out this blog.  This lady used her crockpot for 365 days and never repeated.  I haven't made anything yet, but she even used a five star rating system.  Please let me know if you try anything first, I love when other people are my guinea pigs.

Let it Snow

I know I'm going to be eating my words soon enough, but I'm ready for a little fun in the snow with Lauren.  She got snow pants for her birthday and we have yet to use them.  Up to four inches are supposedly on their way, so hopefully there will be some snow angels in the near future.


Mother/daughter time

And I'm not talking about Lauren and I.  My mom and I are actually going to the movies and out to dinner tomorrow night.  I've been looking forward to this all week, we rarely get time just the two of us and to actually go out makes it even better.  I had one request, that the movie needed to be Oscar worthy but she could choose.  She has already seen several movies, so we are viewing "The Iron Lady" or "My week with Marilyn."  Can't wait!


One of my resolutions is to read a book a month.  I had the same goal last year and managed to knock out eight books.  Huge for me!  The year before I probably read one or two.  I'm stuck in the middle of this parenting book right now, (I'm sure you'll notice BIG changes the next time you see Lauren:) ) but as soon as I'm complete it I'm looking for any fast favorites?  Please comment!  If I actually get some comments, I'll post all the books I read last year in case anyone else is looking for some good ones.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

10 months...say what?

William turned ten months yesterday and I was a hot mess of emotion.  Two phone a friends, a call to mom and a not showering kind of emotional day.  Between finishing nursing and not knowing if our family is complete, turning ten months was just too much for me.  I done gone lost my mind yesterday!

hugged, kissed and squeezed this little guy all day long.  Trying to hold him more than usual but he wouldn't let me.  Walking along everything and crawling as though he is training for London this summer.

His bottom two teeth came in last month and his top two are about to break through.  As I said last week, sleep was tough.  But Wills crossed over and has had some great nights.  Last night, he slept from 9pm to 7am.  Can I get an AMEN?

Besides a remote control, cell phone, or other electronic device there isn't one toy or stuffed animal that he gravitates to.  But bath time is his thing.  Dude starts bouncing up and down as soon as the water starts running.

Eating on the other hand, not his thing.  He is quickly getting over baby food in any form, but is spitting out almost everything I try besides the snacky stuff.  Smiles galore as soon as he sees the Cheerios box.  I'm starting to get frustrated because I'm running out of ideas, but I'm sure when he is good and hungry, he will eat!

The party planning is underway for a Saint Patrick's Day birthday bash....Kiss Me, I'm 1:) Clever, huh?



Friday, January 13, 2012

Five Things


Or really, lack there of.  
At least someone is resting peacefully, right?  We had a slumber party together this week while dad was's our thing:)
Between the kids naps, no naps, early bedtime, late bedtime, and waking up during the night I'm certainly missing my sleep.  I have good intentions of going to bed early in the event that William wakes up, but something always seems to suck me in.  Usually Pinterest.  One night this past week, I headed to bed when the kids did and yes, it makes a difference, but then I felt like I didn't get any time to myself.  Here is to hoping William's teeth come in and we can get back on a schedule.


The silver lining in the lack of sleep department was that I got to watch my current favorite show ONDEMAND after my 5:45am wake up call the other day.  William wanted to play with toys and I wanted to just worked out.  It's on Tuesdays at 10pm and while I do stay up late I can't commit to an hour long show every week, occasionally, yes.  I love the story lines between each family and while many of the episodes relating to parenting are a few years away, they are very relatable.  Check it out, you won't be sorry.

Wouldn't family dinners be amazing here?  Love this table from the parents house.  The link below is a house tour.

New Window

Well, not really new, but last weekend we were crazy busy with the start of our home projects, beginning with a deep clean of the dining room.  The window panes on this door had just gotten nasty and we could actually remove them.  I can't believe how much light it lets in.  I'm loving the change. The pictures don't really capture it but it's better, trust me.




Did you know you can curl your hair with a straightner?  Yep, I didn't either until last week.  Its fast and easy, but looked pretty bananas the next morning.  It might hold up better on longer hair, but is a fun change up. 


I saved $48.77 at the grocery store today!  This is the most I have EVER saved.  I had $13.30 in actual coupons plus the store savings.  It is nothing compared to the extreme couponers, but I'm proud of myself.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rainbow...The Return

Remember Rainbow?

He went on to greener pastures after several injuries, but it looks like his replacement will be coming home with us next week.

Our play group met to paint pottery today, something I had been planning and looking forward to, but when we arrived it seemed every mama was having the morning from 
H-E-double hockey stick and were a little weary for the experience.

 Things do have a funny way of working out when you least expect it and according to Billy, they always work out.  For the record, he is right most of the time.  Ok, all the time:)  William has been having some rough nights and my exhaustion was getting the best of me, but he slept almost the entire time we were there.

No juggling needed, phew!  All the kids did better then their moms anticipated!

Her name is Sally, which is actually quite fitting because Nana Sally's Christmas money paid for our little excursion.  I can't wait to show her what her gift went too!

They are both asleep and I'm hoping for a better night, but a text just came in...reinforcements have landed at DTW.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Five Things

I'd been thinking over the last few months about wanting to do something weekly where I could write about things on my mind, ideas, confessions or obsessions that may or may not have pictures to go along with them.  I'm calling it "Five Things" and I'm going to really try to do it every Friday.  I want it to be something I look forward to and not a chore, we'll see where it goes...

My Crockpot

She has made a comeback over the last month after I found a few new recipes.  I love that you can get a home cooked meal without doing all the work.  I often prep the night before and just turn it on in the morning.  I also love when I forget it's on, stress about having to cook with two kids, and then realize I'm good to go.

I made this Garlic Chicken over the break it's a keeper.  (I just bought the whole chicken already packaged and cut up)

Tuesday I served up Chicken Enchilada Soup!  I topped it with more cheese, avocado and fritos.  My only complaint was I think I used too much chicken.  The recipe said two whole chicken breasts and I always get confused.  Does that mean 4?  I used three breasts, but I think two would have been enough.

Return to Routine

Experts say that kids need a schedule, but I thrive on it too.  Heck, I've practically been eating the same breakfast for three months now!  I like schedules, meal plans, and to do lists.  Maybe not to the extent of The Truman Show, I'm not that OCD.  But its even the little things that center and calm me like waking up to the coffee already made, or playing Lauren her favorite Tangled song on the way to school.

Runny Noses

The kids are faucets right now.  Kleenex is everywhere...used ones seem to show up not only in the garbage but in the play tea set or even worse, the forgotten one in my pocket that is now a million little pieces in the dryer.  William's latest move when in stage five clinger mode is to start climbing up my leg and rubbing his snotty face all over my brand new jeans.  The joys of of germs and winter.

Fabric Found

I completely cyber stalked this fabric for our bedroom makeover.  I admired it at a friend's house every time we came over and she had found pillows at TJ Maxx.  I remembered seeing the same fabric or something similar on one of my home blogs.  I'm not even sure how I found it, but when I did my obsession grew even more.  

Covington Wilmington

Through my online hunting, I discoverd this blog  that did an entire post about the fabric.  I just want it for a few accent pillows for the bedroom idea I have, and thanks to my mom a bolt of fabric was at my house this week.  I like it in person just as much as I do online!

Winter Walks

The temperature was unseasonably warm today.  With the sun shining on us we headed out after lunch for a little walk and some fun at the park.  

It completely felt like the first walk of spring because I was dusting off the riding toy with wet paper towel and retraining myself to maneuver the two kids and Sydney.  

I know this heat wave is a complete tease, but from the pictures it sure doesn't look like January!

Happy Friday!



Thursday, January 5, 2012

We're off to the see the wizard!

I packed us up this morning to head to meet a friend at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn to see the Wizard of Oz Children's Exhibit.  I have a lot on the calendar this month to keep us busy and happy.  January tends to be a long and depressing month for me, so I'm trying to keep the calendar full of winter activities to get us through.

(quick props to Lauren...picked out this rad outfit all by herself.  Yep, it's a pink leopard belt)

I can't take credit for the planning, but I'm so happy we went.  Lauren and her friend Alexis had a blast and really got to experience a lot of what was offered.
Alexis was a sad because Lauren wouldn't hold her hand:(

Unfortunately, it ends this weekend so there isn't much time to check it out.  There were lots of hands on activities that could be done over and over even though it was crowded.

We spent over 3 hours at the museum...

and not just in Munchkin land:)  As you can see many of the pictures are of the back of Lauren's head because she wouldn't smile for one picture.  My little busy body was certainly kept busy!

And William was absolutely perfect!  I was nervous the night before and all morning because he has been crabby the last few days.  He will be all smiles and then goes in to full back arching plus Arnold Schwarzenegger strength, topped off with nasty snot nose all over my moi!  But much to my surprise, he was a complete angel.  

Brushing the cowardly lion's hair

I don't have any other museum pictures besides the one of Lauren being a human hotdog, which we did five times!  And I may be on a high from today but I totally want to head back soon.  The automotive area was under construction until the end of the month and that houses my favorite thing, a 1950's diner.  I remember my parents taking us there when we were little, sitting in those booths and wishing I could eat at a place like that.  I still wish.  Bucket list?

Great day and I was even caught on film too!
(thanks for sending the picture Darlene)



Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm Back....

I took an extended break from blogging over the holiday, but I'm ready to pick things back up.  I'm going to share some upcoming home projects as well as get back to capturing and writing about some of the little moments I get to enjoy as a stay at home mom...there will still be big moments too!  
Besides the holidays, our days and nights were filled with get togethers with family and friends.  We packed a lot in, and as I just finished downloading 183 pictures I decided that in an effort to keep you as a reader and save are my top 12.  Ok, so I wanted a top ten list, but I couldn't do it

Big Boy William
Rocking a cool cardi on his first Christmas Eve

Bow Tie Billy
He has owned this bow tie longer than we have known each other, and after seeing that it's making a comeback I asked him to sport it on Christmas Eve.  I was lovin the look.

White Elephant Gifts
This has been a tradition at the Crawford house for several years, but this was the first year that we have really gotten into it.  It involves cheering, stealing, and a ton of laughs.  And it's on now...I'm already looking for next years goodie.

Opening Presents
It goes by faster than you always think it will.  Some reactions are better than others, and often the best reactions come from the littlest and cheapest gifts...not to mention they just love the opening part!  But we are so lucky to get to experience it  through them for many years to come.

Meeting new babies
Billy's oldest friend just had a baby in November and we stopped in on Christmas to meet her.  I still think William is an itty bitty one till you meet an even newer bundle of joy.  You can tell Charlie is just over the moon in love!

Lauren's newest obsession is Dora the Explorer and talks to us about Swiper the Fox.  That has led us to say "Swiper, no swiping" for just about anything that she or William do.   Hence, swiping tenderloin pre dinner!

Crawford Family Day
It was a laid back day spent at my in-laws, but it was perfect with two kids who just wanted to visit with their aunt and uncle.  Look, its a family picture and they are perfectly comfortable with Aunt Cara and Uncle Brando!
Visiting with her future in-laws and Christopher
Lauren was playing shy most of the visit, but we enjoyed catching up with the Hutchins for a few hours before they headed back to Florida.  We miss you and can't wait to start planning our 2012 vacation!!
( you think he is going to use that hat much in Florida?!?)

NYE dinner
We spent the evening with The Padden Family and they cooked up an amazing dinner for us, everything went well together and was cooked perfectly.  But I gotta mention a little truffle cheese that made its debut that night, and was quickly finished the next day!

Dance Party
The moves.  The faces.  You know you wish you were there.  

Emma and Lauren
I loved spending the evening with the kids.  We did decide to leave William at Grandma and Grandpa's and it was the right decision, we got to enjoy ourselves a little bit more and also give Lauren and little one on one attention.  

Are you sick of me yet?
Seriously, are you?  I got to spend a lot of the break with Jocelyn, which doesn't happen often with busy schedules and not living right around the corner.  We are lucky our girls play so well so our visits are always two-fold:)  

Well, my timer just went off (that's what I do to keep me in check) and kiddies and daddy are calling.  Time for the tree to make its grand exit!

Happy New Year!