Friday, January 6, 2012

Five Things

I'd been thinking over the last few months about wanting to do something weekly where I could write about things on my mind, ideas, confessions or obsessions that may or may not have pictures to go along with them.  I'm calling it "Five Things" and I'm going to really try to do it every Friday.  I want it to be something I look forward to and not a chore, we'll see where it goes...

My Crockpot

She has made a comeback over the last month after I found a few new recipes.  I love that you can get a home cooked meal without doing all the work.  I often prep the night before and just turn it on in the morning.  I also love when I forget it's on, stress about having to cook with two kids, and then realize I'm good to go.

I made this Garlic Chicken over the break it's a keeper.  (I just bought the whole chicken already packaged and cut up)

Tuesday I served up Chicken Enchilada Soup!  I topped it with more cheese, avocado and fritos.  My only complaint was I think I used too much chicken.  The recipe said two whole chicken breasts and I always get confused.  Does that mean 4?  I used three breasts, but I think two would have been enough.

Return to Routine

Experts say that kids need a schedule, but I thrive on it too.  Heck, I've practically been eating the same breakfast for three months now!  I like schedules, meal plans, and to do lists.  Maybe not to the extent of The Truman Show, I'm not that OCD.  But its even the little things that center and calm me like waking up to the coffee already made, or playing Lauren her favorite Tangled song on the way to school.

Runny Noses

The kids are faucets right now.  Kleenex is everywhere...used ones seem to show up not only in the garbage but in the play tea set or even worse, the forgotten one in my pocket that is now a million little pieces in the dryer.  William's latest move when in stage five clinger mode is to start climbing up my leg and rubbing his snotty face all over my brand new jeans.  The joys of of germs and winter.

Fabric Found

I completely cyber stalked this fabric for our bedroom makeover.  I admired it at a friend's house every time we came over and she had found pillows at TJ Maxx.  I remembered seeing the same fabric or something similar on one of my home blogs.  I'm not even sure how I found it, but when I did my obsession grew even more.  

Covington Wilmington

Through my online hunting, I discoverd this blog  that did an entire post about the fabric.  I just want it for a few accent pillows for the bedroom idea I have, and thanks to my mom a bolt of fabric was at my house this week.  I like it in person just as much as I do online!

Winter Walks

The temperature was unseasonably warm today.  With the sun shining on us we headed out after lunch for a little walk and some fun at the park.  

It completely felt like the first walk of spring because I was dusting off the riding toy with wet paper towel and retraining myself to maneuver the two kids and Sydney.  

I know this heat wave is a complete tease, but from the pictures it sure doesn't look like January!

Happy Friday!



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