Friday, April 22, 2011

More Easter Fun

We celebrated more Easter fun this week with a trip to Grosse Pointe to dye eggs with Grandma Mary and hunt for eggs with Grandma Robin. It was also Billy's first trip since William was born and we needed the extra family help. Thank you Grandparents!
I love this picture because I'm really freaking out that Lauren is going to get dye all over her clothes, but you can't tell here. Just keep smiling and all is good in the still photo! Now, if we had a video camera it would have been an entirely different story.

Dye was inevitably going to get on her hands, but her clothes stayed clean.
Lauren is attempting to peel the egg....
And when that didn't work....
We later met Grandma Robin for the Easter egg hunt and Lauren had a blast!

We waited in line for the Easter Bunny but when it was Lauren's turn she walked away and wanted nothing to do with him. But I got a picture with her and the Easter Bunny!

Monday, April 18, 2011

32 and Officially a GLEEK!!

Another attempt at a family picture before heading out to celebrate my 32nd birthday. Billy and I hadn't been out just the two of us since January. It was a much needed night out and the perfect reason.
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for coming over to watch Lauren and William. Though, I will say, they always thank us when they leave.
Billy and I had a great time. We tried the new restaurant "Cork" for some wine tasting and would highly recommend it. The highlight of the night was of course, spending it with Billy, but a close second was his surprise gift to me. Two tickets to see GLEE in June!! And they aren't just tickets....floor seats, baby! I'm seriously obsessed with Glee...downloading songs on itunes, rewatching episodes, and of course singing right along with the Glee kids! I know there will be plenty of beer to drink at the show considering we will be there with a bunch of 16 year olds, but I'm not embarassed. I'll be singing right along with those kids!
And on Sunday, we celebrated with Grandma Mary and Uncle PJ and some awesome smoked pork shoulder. Seriously, Billy's best yet!

So cheers to 31! You were fun! I have a lot of memories from all the trips, weddings, and everyday family fun. I learned a lot about myself and the people I hold closest to me. I wouldn't have made it through the year without my amazing husband, family and truly beautiful girlfriends. Thanks to everyone for being there!



Friday, April 15, 2011

Top Pics of the week

I left my camera cord at my mom's this week so I couldn't post all week. And even if I had my camera cord, I'm not sure if I could have posted. We've kept busy and William has been waking up the past few nights a little more than usual which is leaving me exhausted.
But here are some top pics of the week!

After Bath time
William pretty much just sleeps through his entire bath, which happens ten times faster than it did with Lauren. We would take our time lathering her and making sure every roll was clean. With William, its like the $2 car wash. In and out. Mainly because I have two baths to give now and I have a personal assistant with William's bath. Just like at the beauty salon, Lauren washes his hair and I do all the rest. And just like me, William is wondering if he has to tip my assistant?
But last Sunday, while Lauren was at Grandma Mary's we got to enjoy all of it. But I love babies after they just had a bath. They smell so good and their hair is perfect. It gets so greasy so fast. It's not as noticeable in the picture but his hair is a lot lighter when its clean.

Enjoying the warm weather
Sunday's weather was perfect. We went to Grandma's for dinner and sat outside for happy hour.
Yes, that is William, not a baby girl. Grandma needs to invest in some blue:)
Finally, dad's in a picture!
The Lauren Kiss
When you ask Lauren for a kiss, she comes at you with her mouth wide open! I've been trying to get a cute picture of her kissing William and it never turns out right. Though, Billy did teach her the right way to smooch and she finally got it. MUUUUUAAAAHHH!!
Cute William Pics
I managed to capture a few good pics of William while he was awake. These were my favs!
Changing diapers
Lauren has been mimicking me a lot since William arrived. Burping her babies, putting on a breast pad and yesterday I found her changing Baby J's diaper. Luckily, I caught her before A&D ointment was everywhere.
Hanging out, outside
William was wrapped up and hidden from the sun while Lauren was able to play in the yard. It felt great to be out there with Lauren even if we were just steps from the house!

Enjoy your weekends!


Easter Egg Hunt...take 2

Billy and Lauren spent last Saturday morning at Valassis for their annual Easter Egg Hunt.

She enjoyed the real bunny but was too scared for the Easter Bunny
Decorated a cookie
But Billy said her favorite part was the actual hunt in all this paper. In true Aubrey fashion I asked "where did they get all the paper?" DUH, Valassis is the largest printer in the country:)
Showing Grace how to find the eggs
Billy said she spent more time than any other kid in the paper and loved playing and digging. We need this at home...well, maybe not.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring is in the air.... Right?

Whether Spring is here to stay or the warm weekend weather is another tease, I'm done complaining. I wanted to scream waking up this morning at the rain outside, but instead I'm laughing at the clouds and I'll be singing in the rain if I have to because I'm done complaining.
Today, I'm going to celebrate a few things remind me of Spring...
Shoes without socks
I haven't worn socks since William was born because that day it was over 60 degrees and as far as I'm concerned winter is over...I'll settle for cold feet.
We were at Trader Joe's the day it came out. Even though drinking just a half of one made me buzzed, it was still amazingly good and totally reminded me of the warm weather to come! We are also going to Kalamazoo for Sean's graduation and hoping to get a tour at Bell's Brewery
Side Salads
We all love the comfort food of winter, but we bbq'ed on Sunday and I made one of my favorite spring/summer side salads (recipe courtesy of Meghan P.)....buh-bye lasagna and crock pots fav's....hello, homemade tabouleh and all my favorite pasta salads. Looking for new ones too, if anyone has any to share?
I planted these in the fall and I'm a little surprised they surfaced this spring. You just never know if you did it right. And I love these because yellow is my favorite springtime color. I'm pretty much obsessed with all things yellow right now, like this skirt or these napkins and placemats.

Is that a smile? Maybe! Spring will forever give us a reason to celebrate! I love birthdays and planning parties, so next year when February is oh so gross, I will get through it by planning William's first birthday!
My new ride
A craigslist find for a whopping $80! She needs a little love, but how good am I gonna look riding this bike with two kids in tow? haha! I'm getting a basket and to go along with my basket I found these cute liners.

If you are as frustrated as I am about the weather, make your own list. Or better yet, comment and tell me!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today was my first solo outing with Lauren and William, and not only did we survive, but it was a complete SUCCESS! I challenged myself to get us out of the house as stress free as possible, and I wasn't going to fail. I planned. All of our outfits were picked out the night before, alarms set, diaper bag packed and directions printed. And of course, on the one day that we actually need to be somewhere, I have a long night with William and probably only got 4 hours sleep. But again, I was doing this no matter what!

We had to be out the door by 9:15am for an easter egg hunt with some of my parenting group friends and it just couldn't have gone more smoothly. I'm celebrating this little moment of greatness people! WINNING! (I know, I know...that word is so last month)
Lauren wouldn't sit on the Easter Bunny's lap, but did later give him a hug.
Missed that kodak moment.

I have to comment on the fact that Lauren was playing in a MOBILE HOME. Seriously?
The kids got to run around an indoor soccer field, climb, do a little craft, story time and of course the egg hunt. It was great fun for Lauren who had been climbing the walls all week.

I was on a mama high after such a successful first outing. There was a low though, I'm not gonna lie...a bathroom trip to change William's diaper did result in a major spray everywhere and the poor kid had to leave in the cold, sockless, but you live and learn. Along with an extra outfit, bring extra socks. We contacted Billy very last minute (yes, so not me) and even met him for a quick lunch. Dude, I was so tempted to go somewhere else, but decided we needed to end on a high note. Why ruin a good thing?

And again, I've taken no pictures of William...I swear he was with me and have witnesses.



Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Update and Mom's first day with TWO!

We left the house this weekend! Well, it wasn't the first time...we made a short trip to Old Navy on Friday too, but this was much more fun and just what this mama needed.
And also what two little girls needed as well. I love their faces in this picture. Lauren and Emma had a lot of energy to burn on Saturday, but they played really well.
We both had talks with our girls before the visit about sharing and it worked or it was a complete coincidence.
The girls played dress up, sang, climbed, colored...and I felt like I got to enjoy some adult conversation.
They got the biggest kick out of climbing over Emma's playhouse door. Hysterics, I tell you:)
The gap is for sure closing in on these two and they are having real conversations with each other. My memory is escaping me now, but Emma said something to Lauren along the lines of "I use to do that when I was a kid."
Thank you Padden's for having us over. We had a great time!!

I apologize for the absence of William in this post. I meant to get pictures of everyone and we forgot.

Today was my first full day home with William and Lauren ALONE! We didn't have anywhere we had to be so the day has been stress free. And actually, I think getting back to some normalcy has even helped Lauren. We were able to do some activities together while William is sleeping. Playdoh, coloring and my new rainy day activity...exercise dance party! She needs to burn energy so I put on some of my favorite tunes and we were kicking our legs out, punching it out and raising the roof. But the day couldn't end without at least one phone call to dad for help....yeah, Lauren flushed William's diaper down the toilet. There is still another hour or so before his return, but I was anticipating a crazier day and maybe uttering the phrase "its 5 o'clock somewhere" at say, 12:30pm, but I've been lucky TODAY. Tomorrow is another day.