Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today was my first solo outing with Lauren and William, and not only did we survive, but it was a complete SUCCESS! I challenged myself to get us out of the house as stress free as possible, and I wasn't going to fail. I planned. All of our outfits were picked out the night before, alarms set, diaper bag packed and directions printed. And of course, on the one day that we actually need to be somewhere, I have a long night with William and probably only got 4 hours sleep. But again, I was doing this no matter what!

We had to be out the door by 9:15am for an easter egg hunt with some of my parenting group friends and it just couldn't have gone more smoothly. I'm celebrating this little moment of greatness people! WINNING! (I know, I know...that word is so last month)
Lauren wouldn't sit on the Easter Bunny's lap, but did later give him a hug.
Missed that kodak moment.

I have to comment on the fact that Lauren was playing in a MOBILE HOME. Seriously?
The kids got to run around an indoor soccer field, climb, do a little craft, story time and of course the egg hunt. It was great fun for Lauren who had been climbing the walls all week.

I was on a mama high after such a successful first outing. There was a low though, I'm not gonna lie...a bathroom trip to change William's diaper did result in a major spray everywhere and the poor kid had to leave in the cold, sockless, but you live and learn. Along with an extra outfit, bring extra socks. We contacted Billy very last minute (yes, so not me) and even met him for a quick lunch. Dude, I was so tempted to go somewhere else, but decided we needed to end on a high note. Why ruin a good thing?

And again, I've taken no pictures of William...I swear he was with me and have witnesses.




  1. I had no idea you didn't get any sleep! You couldn't tell. You looked great. Thanks for organizing this rad Easter hour!

  2. From your description I pictured a larger mobile home...still awesome though...maybe that will fit in my parents camper and we could take it camping.