Friday, April 22, 2011

More Easter Fun

We celebrated more Easter fun this week with a trip to Grosse Pointe to dye eggs with Grandma Mary and hunt for eggs with Grandma Robin. It was also Billy's first trip since William was born and we needed the extra family help. Thank you Grandparents!
I love this picture because I'm really freaking out that Lauren is going to get dye all over her clothes, but you can't tell here. Just keep smiling and all is good in the still photo! Now, if we had a video camera it would have been an entirely different story.

Dye was inevitably going to get on her hands, but her clothes stayed clean.
Lauren is attempting to peel the egg....
And when that didn't work....
We later met Grandma Robin for the Easter egg hunt and Lauren had a blast!

We waited in line for the Easter Bunny but when it was Lauren's turn she walked away and wanted nothing to do with him. But I got a picture with her and the Easter Bunny!

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