Friday, April 15, 2011

Top Pics of the week

I left my camera cord at my mom's this week so I couldn't post all week. And even if I had my camera cord, I'm not sure if I could have posted. We've kept busy and William has been waking up the past few nights a little more than usual which is leaving me exhausted.
But here are some top pics of the week!

After Bath time
William pretty much just sleeps through his entire bath, which happens ten times faster than it did with Lauren. We would take our time lathering her and making sure every roll was clean. With William, its like the $2 car wash. In and out. Mainly because I have two baths to give now and I have a personal assistant with William's bath. Just like at the beauty salon, Lauren washes his hair and I do all the rest. And just like me, William is wondering if he has to tip my assistant?
But last Sunday, while Lauren was at Grandma Mary's we got to enjoy all of it. But I love babies after they just had a bath. They smell so good and their hair is perfect. It gets so greasy so fast. It's not as noticeable in the picture but his hair is a lot lighter when its clean.

Enjoying the warm weather
Sunday's weather was perfect. We went to Grandma's for dinner and sat outside for happy hour.
Yes, that is William, not a baby girl. Grandma needs to invest in some blue:)
Finally, dad's in a picture!
The Lauren Kiss
When you ask Lauren for a kiss, she comes at you with her mouth wide open! I've been trying to get a cute picture of her kissing William and it never turns out right. Though, Billy did teach her the right way to smooch and she finally got it. MUUUUUAAAAHHH!!
Cute William Pics
I managed to capture a few good pics of William while he was awake. These were my favs!
Changing diapers
Lauren has been mimicking me a lot since William arrived. Burping her babies, putting on a breast pad and yesterday I found her changing Baby J's diaper. Luckily, I caught her before A&D ointment was everywhere.
Hanging out, outside
William was wrapped up and hidden from the sun while Lauren was able to play in the yard. It felt great to be out there with Lauren even if we were just steps from the house!

Enjoy your weekends!


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