Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who needs Florida when you can paint pottery...

These pictures are from last month, but I wanted to share. After our Florida trip was cancelled because the baby was measuring so small, I really wanted to do something special for Lauren...just the three of us. I had been looking forward to our vacation for months and when the doctor's said I couldn't fly, it broke my heart. I wanted this memory of just us before becoming a family of four.

My plan was to take Lauren to paint pottery for the first time. It really was a perfect afternoon, though Billy may not completely agree after I criticized his painting ability for not making perfect letters (so Aubrey, right?). Lauren actually did an amazing job. For the most part she was clean and took her time with the different colors.
I really wanted to get a plate with her hand print and as you can see, the first attempt wasn't so good. But attempt #2 was a success and a BIG SISTER plate is now part of our collection, along with a reject plate (letters painted by Billy) and "Rainbow" the dog.

It was a great afternoon and a memory we'll now have as just us three! As for Florida, it will still be there and when we go, I'll have a cocktail in one hand and a baby in another:)

And I would highly recommend the experience to other tot parents. I'm not ready to introduce painting at home because of my type A personality. But this summer when she can paint outside, naked, and away from walls and furniture we'll give it a try.

We did have a serious accident with Rainbow. Lauren was running around with Rainbow and he managed to jump out of her hands and fell to the floor. His injuries are severe and he is currently in the Crawford ICU waiting surgery with Dr. Dad. We're hoping for a full recovery, but at this point its too soon to tell. Lauren just keeps saying "we have to fix him."

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who wouldn't want a Delorean

Lauren doesn't just play with toys on her own, well, she doesn't play on her own for any real length of time. She is busy, always moving and on to the next thing. Its only been two months since Christmas and she's already bored with what came down the chimney. But, after hearing about some boys that really like to play with cars and a special on hot wheels at Target, I thought what the heck? Let's try some cars. So far, and instant hit!

She pushed them around in her bus for over 30 mins today, which is huge for Lauren. I even wanted to play with her, but was fearful I would jinx the whole thing (and yes, that is a naked ceramic baby in the background that my SIL and BIL hide in our stuff last Christmas and we have yet to "give" it back...running joke). Her interest may come and go, but so far it was a well spent $3.95!
And her new phrase is "of course not," we have no clue where this came from, but if you ask her "do you want to go on the potty?" She replies, "of course not." Or, "would you like some milk?" Another, "of course not." And its one of those responses where we start laughing but we know we shouldn't because when you say "its time for bed" and she says "of course not," you need to be serious!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

6am wake up call for a PB&J

After going to bed at 9:30pm I was certain Lauren would sleep in, but she decided it was time to start her day at 6am and even went downstairs on her own and yelled from the bottom of the stairs "eat, eat, eat.....I want a peanut butter and jelly" The day had officially started. For as hungry as she was claiming, she only ate half of a half of PBJ. Finding new foods, knowing when she is hungry and her new thing....spitting out food, it can be a struggle. Lauren gets bored easily of the same things and will say she wants to eat, but then barely touches anything. And the spitting thing is baaaad. And with her not in daycare any longer, I can't blame one of those kids:) She sucks the juice out of an orange slice and then spits it out or if you suggest another food, she'll spit out what she is chewing. Maybe she is fearful if she doesn't take that new food right then and there, it will be gone!

We got out of the house for a playdate with Max and Sarah. We loved seeing their gorgeous new house and Lauren enjoyed the new environment. Because of the early morning and longer drive to their house, she napped in the car. So, I was dragging by 3pm. I felt so guilty about being so tired, all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and all she wanted me to do was play. I think being a mom, you are always guilty about something, even if you're home all day with them.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Here goes....

There was so much anticipation leading up to my last day of work and when it finally arrived it was easy. The timing just felt right for that chapter to close and a new one to begin. I think the biggest challenge, besides Michigan winters, will be finding an outlet for myself. But as I've said since before Lauren was born..."they are only little once." I can always go back to work, but you can't get this time back.
The first day home was more uneventful then I thought with all the snow we got and being up last night for 2 hours for no reason...well, I shouldn't say no reason. I'm 33 weeks pregnant, its no wonder I have a hard time sleeping. So, I was dragging a bit, but Lauren and I made banana bread, a fort, watched "Ponyo" and I even finished a book! A good first official day!