Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who wouldn't want a Delorean

Lauren doesn't just play with toys on her own, well, she doesn't play on her own for any real length of time. She is busy, always moving and on to the next thing. Its only been two months since Christmas and she's already bored with what came down the chimney. But, after hearing about some boys that really like to play with cars and a special on hot wheels at Target, I thought what the heck? Let's try some cars. So far, and instant hit!

She pushed them around in her bus for over 30 mins today, which is huge for Lauren. I even wanted to play with her, but was fearful I would jinx the whole thing (and yes, that is a naked ceramic baby in the background that my SIL and BIL hide in our stuff last Christmas and we have yet to "give" it back...running joke). Her interest may come and go, but so far it was a well spent $3.95!
And her new phrase is "of course not," we have no clue where this came from, but if you ask her "do you want to go on the potty?" She replies, "of course not." Or, "would you like some milk?" Another, "of course not." And its one of those responses where we start laughing but we know we shouldn't because when you say "its time for bed" and she says "of course not," you need to be serious!

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