Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome to Florida: Part 2 {Trip Report}

Here is where the trip gets real, friends.
We had planned to spend the next two days enjoying the warm weather by heading to the pool and beach.  The men were going to golf in the morning and we were going swim in the afternoon.  This all happened, but not without major effort.
Beth had gotten a little flu bug during the night...not only was she sick but having to be sick while playing hostess.  The guys had left to golf and while she rested I was in charge of five kids.  Surprisingly, I kept my sanity during that small window.  Beth really rallied and we made our way to the pool.  She put on a good fight but sent her home to rest more in hopes that she kick the bug quick.  
More realness and not pictured were how whiny our kids were.  After a long cold winter you would think they would just be happy being anywhere but inside.  At the pool, Lauren complained to go to the beach.  At the beach, she complained about wanting to get back to the pool.  My answer:  Another cocktail, please:)
Luckily, everyone woke up healthy the next day!

Just when Beth and I thought we were going to enjoy a little one on one time, the real comedy of errors began.  The plan was to take the kids to the park in the morning and go shopping in the afternoon.  A trip to the park, super simple, right?  Not that day.
You know there were tears shed when I'm hauling two bikes and two kids in one stroller ON VACATION!
So just when we get inside and I decided I had no effort to shop, the baby gets sick.  But have no fear, this duo put up a fight and packed these kids up for a bon voyage trip to the pool.
You wouldn't know little Nicholas was sick from that adorable smile.

I was thinking of sparing you the remaining details, but they're too good.  Upon returning home, Nicholas gets sick again.  William and Alex by now have had several diarrhea attacks (brought on by drinking pool water IMO), and the real topper was an entire Costco size liquid detergent fell over and spilled all over their laundry room floor.  Every time something else happened, we just laughed...and then poured margaritas.
Beth put it best, that if we had a perfect last day it would have made leaving hard, but a day like that made leaving easy.

Beth, Here's to keeping it real and thank you for opening up you home to us!  Next time we are getting our time first thing...NO EXCUSES!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Sweets: {Dried Cherry and Pistachio Scones}

Happy Sunday all!
It would be a whole lot happier if my Spartans were advancing to the final four, but C'est La Vie:(
I've given up sweets for lent, but a breakfast scone isn't really a sweet...right?  
 I love baking treats, but I especially love to take my sweet treats to people I love.  A family friend lost a loved one this week and these seemed like the perfect treat to take to them to help brighten their day.  The kids were along for the ride when I dropped everything off, and it was a great to show them this small act of kindness.  I'm always trying to find ways to show them how you can be thoughtful.
These were easy friends...and don't forget the orange glaze on top, it makes the scones but doesn't make them too sweet.
And let me tell you this game changing tip for cutting butter to make your baking life easier!  Freeze your butter and grate it on the larger side of a cheese grater, then stir into the flour.  Hello?!?  It was that simple!



Monday, March 24, 2014

Welcome to Florida: Part 1 {Trip Report}

Last month we got packed up the kids and headed down to North Florida for a long weekend to visit one of our favorite families.  We hadn't been to their house in over four years, so our visit was long overdue.  
The day we arrived was perfect...the kids played in their backyard while getting reacquainted, the mom's prepared dinner with a glass of wine and the dad's caught up by the fire.
Bounce House pictured was not for us, it was a hopping kids party at the house behind our friends

We packed up the next morning and hit up the much anticipated Alligator Farm in St. Augustine.  We visited the alligators during our first trip back in 2006.  

Florida 2006

Billy has been dying to get be here ever since...besides two kids, not much has changed, right?
The alligator farm is a great place to visit for kids and parents...they sell beer folks, so your sanity will be kept.  The kids loved just walking around and taking it all in. 
We took a little break at the playground and were trying to get Lauren and Christopher to do the monkey bars.  To motivate the kids and prove I still had it...I also participated:)  The best part was that not one kid was using it, but once a few adults tried it out there was a line up of little ones!
I love this picture of Alex, he was such a sweetie and always ready to smile for my camera!
William became fast friends with their boys, the day we got home he was telling me how much he already missed them.  And getting to see Christopher and Alex again at his party last week meant so much to him.

To top the whole experience off...this happened!
Christopher's face says it all and boy was he brave.  
Alex and William's faces are priceless.

We enjoyed a fun lunch afterward with perfect weather and delicious cocktails!  The perfect start to our long weekend.



Monday, March 17, 2014

A Batman Birthday

We celebrated William's third birthday with a little batman bash on Saturday.  He was so excited to have a birthday party this year and because of a little ear infection it was almost cancelled.  Ever since daylight savings we have had one bug after another...but by party time he was rested and fever free.  There may have been a little vomiting, but it was a party, right?

There were only five kids at the party and I thought just one party game would be enough.  Lauren was happy to have Emma present and William was over the moon that Christopher and Alex from Florida were in attendance!  

Pin Batman's badge on his chest...the blindfold concept was new to everyone, but it got a lot of giggles and several repeat customers.
William got so many perfect gifts this year!  Every gift was just him!
And this blanket...could that not go any better with the visual I'm creating for his room? :)
 As usual I got a little choked up when we sang happy can he really be turning 3?

And thanks to the cheering of the crowd...
 He put the hurt on that little cake of his!
We are truly blessed with such a sweet little boy.  I have loved watching him grow this last year, from a baby who could barely talk to this boy who always starts his stories with "mom, I need to tell you something." And if I don't listen right away, he grabs my cheeks and points my face right at his.
He is sensitive, but tough.  He may be small but he will stand up to anyone for what he wants...even if it's big kids who are giving his sister a hard time.  A true protector.
A cuddler, a joker, an awkward smiler, and a cutie above all!
We love you Wills!  Happy 3rd Birthday!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Keeping Up With The Crawfords

I have so much to share with you...a trip to Florida, a bridal shower, William's third birthday and a few other blog worthy posts.  
Just when I thought I would more time for blogging after my auction chairing days were behind me, more life happened.  And good stuff, so no complaining here.

Naps are few and far between so that window of opportunity has closed, volunteering at school, I wake up early to workout so the couch always wins at night, and I'm netflix marathoning Breaking Bad (priorities, people).  But I'm so OK that I can't do it all and that is a huge win for me.  Blog is losing, but mom finding balance is HUGE!

I've got some free time this week to update you, I hope you're still here:)  And I really hope it is a good while before I post about not posting!



Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Sweets: {Chocolate Dipped Oreos}

I've got an easy sweet treat for you today.  I made these chocolate dipped oreos for part of the favor for the auction I co-chaired, but thought they would be fun for any party.  Once I got the assembly process down, they were really easy.
The dilemma was how to dip the chocolate?  The easiest was to dip just one face of the cookie (pictured first below) because I didn't need to worry about how the chocolate would dry.  But dipping half the cookie did look better, but the bottom half was drying all smudged.
Insert Ah-ha moment.  I had this styrofoam block sitting in the basement, combined with toothpicks and I was in business.

After dipping into the melted chocolate and sprinkles, I inserted the toothpick into the filling and stuck the cookie into the tray.  Once it was dried, I laid them all on wax paper until I was ready to package.

The photos of the finished product didn't come out well, but I placed three cookies inside a cupcake liner and then into a cellophane bag tied with ribbon.  This would be an easy favor or even dessert to compliment a party's color scheme.  This is making me want something sweet right now...and I'd better get my fix, because I'm giving up ALL sweets for lent!