Monday, March 17, 2014

A Batman Birthday

We celebrated William's third birthday with a little batman bash on Saturday.  He was so excited to have a birthday party this year and because of a little ear infection it was almost cancelled.  Ever since daylight savings we have had one bug after another...but by party time he was rested and fever free.  There may have been a little vomiting, but it was a party, right?

There were only five kids at the party and I thought just one party game would be enough.  Lauren was happy to have Emma present and William was over the moon that Christopher and Alex from Florida were in attendance!  

Pin Batman's badge on his chest...the blindfold concept was new to everyone, but it got a lot of giggles and several repeat customers.
William got so many perfect gifts this year!  Every gift was just him!
And this blanket...could that not go any better with the visual I'm creating for his room? :)
 As usual I got a little choked up when we sang happy can he really be turning 3?

And thanks to the cheering of the crowd...
 He put the hurt on that little cake of his!
We are truly blessed with such a sweet little boy.  I have loved watching him grow this last year, from a baby who could barely talk to this boy who always starts his stories with "mom, I need to tell you something." And if I don't listen right away, he grabs my cheeks and points my face right at his.
He is sensitive, but tough.  He may be small but he will stand up to anyone for what he wants...even if it's big kids who are giving his sister a hard time.  A true protector.
A cuddler, a joker, an awkward smiler, and a cutie above all!
We love you Wills!  Happy 3rd Birthday!


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