Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome to Florida: Part 2 {Trip Report}

Here is where the trip gets real, friends.
We had planned to spend the next two days enjoying the warm weather by heading to the pool and beach.  The men were going to golf in the morning and we were going swim in the afternoon.  This all happened, but not without major effort.
Beth had gotten a little flu bug during the night...not only was she sick but having to be sick while playing hostess.  The guys had left to golf and while she rested I was in charge of five kids.  Surprisingly, I kept my sanity during that small window.  Beth really rallied and we made our way to the pool.  She put on a good fight but sent her home to rest more in hopes that she kick the bug quick.  
More realness and not pictured were how whiny our kids were.  After a long cold winter you would think they would just be happy being anywhere but inside.  At the pool, Lauren complained to go to the beach.  At the beach, she complained about wanting to get back to the pool.  My answer:  Another cocktail, please:)
Luckily, everyone woke up healthy the next day!

Just when Beth and I thought we were going to enjoy a little one on one time, the real comedy of errors began.  The plan was to take the kids to the park in the morning and go shopping in the afternoon.  A trip to the park, super simple, right?  Not that day.
You know there were tears shed when I'm hauling two bikes and two kids in one stroller ON VACATION!
So just when we get inside and I decided I had no effort to shop, the baby gets sick.  But have no fear, this duo put up a fight and packed these kids up for a bon voyage trip to the pool.
You wouldn't know little Nicholas was sick from that adorable smile.

I was thinking of sparing you the remaining details, but they're too good.  Upon returning home, Nicholas gets sick again.  William and Alex by now have had several diarrhea attacks (brought on by drinking pool water IMO), and the real topper was an entire Costco size liquid detergent fell over and spilled all over their laundry room floor.  Every time something else happened, we just laughed...and then poured margaritas.
Beth put it best, that if we had a perfect last day it would have made leaving hard, but a day like that made leaving easy.

Beth, Here's to keeping it real and thank you for opening up you home to us!  Next time we are getting our time first thing...NO EXCUSES!



  1. Let's not forget our very potty trained 5 year olds having accidents in the midst of the Costco detergent fiasco! Loved having you guys and hope its not another 4 years before you come back! Love you all!!!! Xoxoxo Beth

  2. Ha, this is even better hearing it the second time! Glad you all made it through and had a laugh :) I love your suit! I need it!