Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Sweets: {Chocolate Dipped Oreos}

I've got an easy sweet treat for you today.  I made these chocolate dipped oreos for part of the favor for the auction I co-chaired, but thought they would be fun for any party.  Once I got the assembly process down, they were really easy.
The dilemma was how to dip the chocolate?  The easiest was to dip just one face of the cookie (pictured first below) because I didn't need to worry about how the chocolate would dry.  But dipping half the cookie did look better, but the bottom half was drying all smudged.
Insert Ah-ha moment.  I had this styrofoam block sitting in the basement, combined with toothpicks and I was in business.

After dipping into the melted chocolate and sprinkles, I inserted the toothpick into the filling and stuck the cookie into the tray.  Once it was dried, I laid them all on wax paper until I was ready to package.

The photos of the finished product didn't come out well, but I placed three cookies inside a cupcake liner and then into a cellophane bag tied with ribbon.  This would be an easy favor or even dessert to compliment a party's color scheme.  This is making me want something sweet right now...and I'd better get my fix, because I'm giving up ALL sweets for lent!




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