Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gymnastics...Isn't Always Fantastic!

I wasn't one of those kids growing up that was extremely passionate about one sport.  I tried a lot of different sports...I played tennis, did swim team, ran track, and played years and years of soccer.  I never once had a desire to be a gymnast.  Right after Lauren turned three, several of us signed our kids up for gymnastics to help get us through the winter months.  Lauren loved it!
She loved going every week and this summer was asked to join the gym's pre-team.  I struggled with what to do because after the move the gym would be a forty-five minute drive from our new house.  I weighed the pros and cons and even looked into a new gym.  The biggest driver for joining the team was that Lauren wanted to do ballet and being on the team meant learning a floor thought, killing two birds with one stone.
 She had her first meet a few weeks ago, it was very fun to watch these little girls.  Some of them have amazing talent.  I only got pictures of her on the beam...horrible light and no flash allowed.  This was the best I could do.

 This picture cracks me up because she paused while doing her routine to look for us and her coach is trying not to laugh because she knows what Lauren is doing.  She seems to like the vault the best and even got a first place!

I really didn't think we were even going to get there.  Right after Christmas, Lauren wanted to quit because the drive was "so far."  The commute was getting to me too, mainly because it was such a struggle each time.  Why am I doing this when my child clearly doesn't want to go?  But, we would arrive and she would be so happy to be there.  So, we took a few weeks off and last week she didn't give me any trouble about going.  I hate to quit because we made a commitment, but I also don't want to force a five year old...maybe a little break was all she needed.  Taking each week as it comes.
With a pose like this, wouldn't you think she'd be Olympic bound?
 Lauren and her two coaches!

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  1. So cuuuute!! I love the first picture of her looking at ya :)