Wednesday, February 12, 2014

William's Room: Before, Progress, Plan

I haven't done a house progress post in forever, but aside from hanging any art or pictures, we've stalled in that department.  We've got a 2014 plan for projects, so I should have lots to share.
William's room looks a lot like it did in the old house.  I even went with the same paint color, though it looks so much grayer in this picture.  Here is the post with all his bedroom details from our last house.

This is actually a picture from Lauren's room because I never snapped a before of his room, but it looked very similar to this.  The curtains covered up so much natural light with the added touch of beige carpet and beige walls.  
His room is so bright and filled with lots of natural light.  We did leave the shades to use at night, but I think blinds or a decorative roman shade would look better.

We switched up the gallery wall a little too, we added a framed picture of the kids, a print we found in New Mexico and removed the shell art.
 Billy spotted this in a shop during our visit to Madrid.  That day was very memorable, so I'm glad we this little piece to remember it.

 Taking pictures of a room in your house is a great way to see what you need or maybe what you need to take out.  His room feels a little stark without curtains and there is a wall I didn't even show you that is completely bare.  William has also outgrown the toddler bed, so he'll be getting a new bed really soon too!

The Plan
  • Window treatments - blinds or decorative roman shades.  Something like this would be functional and add some color/pattern to the room
  • Big boy bed - I would love to add two twin beds, but short term he may just get Lauren's twin bed.  And I want to have a lot of color on his bed, like this.
  • Book storage or shelves - not sure what, but something
Thankfully the list is short and the bed is a top priority.  I have even thought we could leave the crib in his room to act like a little reading nook.  Well, who am I kidding, it would most likely would be used as some sort of fort or ship.



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