Thursday, August 29, 2013

Foyer: Before, Progress, and Plan

Happy Thursday!  It's almost the weekend and an it's extra long!  Can't wait, because this lady has been flying solo ALL week.  Mama needs some solo time...hint, hint:)

I've been dangling quite a few carrots with these posts and if I were you I would have been thinking BORING with a post about our foyer...bring on the kitchen, right?  I promise that special treat is coming next week...and it's good.  But today, enjoy the foyer!

This is almost the identical shot.  We removed all the carpeting and the door that is open below.  Again, just paint and floors.  
One little extra addition I wanted was the decorative stripe under the molding.  This was my inspiration, but I just couldn't go that bold and there were lots of areas around doorways and entries that I didn't know where to start and stop.

We also have this beautiful leaded glass door that we decided to 
paint dark to provide more contrast.  I love the look of dark inside doors, but I could only pull the trigger on just this one.  
Wall color - Smoke Embers by Benjamin Moore (mixed by Sherwin Williams and lightened by 50%)
Stripe and door color - Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams

The Plan
  • Add shoe molding
  • Purchase a new door knob for leaded glass door
  • Add area rug/runner
  • Add art/side table/other decorative knick knacks

Simple post, simple room.  Hope I'm not disappointing.  The real work is coming!



Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Theatre

I have now successfully taken the kids to see four movies, but last weekend was their first live performance.  Props to dad for the suggestion of taking the kids to see If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, the popular book turned play.  That title also happens to be The Crawford Clan's number one post. (No shame in plugging that one more time)
 It was difficult explaining what a play was, but I think it made sense to Lauren when I related it back to her performing LIVE for us.  The kids got dressed up and Lauren even carried her purse which included lip gloss, a comb and brush, makeup brushes, and white gloves.

The ushers passed out cookies before and the kids waited patiently (surprising, I know) for the show to start. It was an adorable show that kept their attention and made all of us laugh.  And it was just under an hour, any longer and we would have lost them.

A great afternoon and hope another favorite book turned play makes its way to town!



Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sum Sum Summertime

Some days back to school can't get here fast enough and others I feel like the summer has just started.  With all the packing, unpacking and what seemed like a zillion car loads to the new house I've been trying to make the last half of the summer more fun for Lauren and William.  We've officially been at the house for a month and here's some of what we've been up to...

Decorating Cupcakes for dinner with friends
Zoo trip with dad's office

A night out with the ladies to see Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z
Photo Bomb?

Making S'mores in the backyard
Dressed up for a summer wedding

Hanging with Three's Company:)

And a lot of days and nights spent at the playground and pool!  One more week and the pool closes...soak it up kids!
A great moment captured of William and Grandpa watching the freighter on Lake St. Clair.



Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Sweets {Strawberry S'more Tart}

We may be overwhelmed with where to start project wise and our list seems never ending but we are feeling more and more settled.  For me that was finally having the desire to whip up something sweet this weekend and share it you.  Billy had the idea of doing s'mores last night which lead to me making this delicious dessert.  How pretty is this tart?  

I found the recipe on The Chocolate Moosey and like most of the sweets I make it's another dessert that can be made ahead of time.  Perfect when playing hostess! 

I recipe was easy and you could swap the strawberries for other fruits.  I didn't have a tart pan so I did use a pie plate.  The next time I make it I would use less graham cracker, it was a little thick...but who doesn't love a little extra crust!




Friday, August 16, 2013

Dining Room: Before, Progress, and Plan

Here is a little glimpse into our dining room.  This is similar to the den in that it just needs some decorating.  Enjoy!

A whole lotta what the heck is going on here was the initial reaction in seeing this room. But we knew that just simply stripping the room to its bare bones was going to be a great improvement and a perfect starting point.
I've been feeling crazy overwhelmed with the amount of work we need to do and figuring out where we need to prioritize.  Thankfully the blog comes to the rescue to remind me that we've come a long way when you compare the before picture to today.  
The floors and paint were huge, but saying goodbye to the giant mirror and chandelier were just as big.  We brought the chandelier from our old house, it was one of the first home purchases we made and I still loved it.  It's actually still available from pottery barn, but I just didn't want to part with my original.  Our chandelier appears smaller in this picture, but I also think the room only has the bare essentials.  The finishing touches will help balance everything.  The room won't be overly formal because we plan to eat dinner here every night.  I'm looking to create a space that can accommodate everyday and special occasion.

**The paint color is Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers**
The Plan

  • Purchase a rug and something inexpensive that can be switched out if the kids destroy.  
  • Curtains
  • Large Wall Art above buffet
  • Add mirror above wine rack
  • Phase 2
    • add two upholstered end chairs.  They'll be used when we have more guests but either flank the buffet or be placed in the corners on either side of the archway pictured above.
    • eventually get a new table.  This one is 10 years old and has definitely seen better days.

Have a great weekend!  We are hoping to check a few things off that to do list while enjoying the last bit of summer!



Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vacation Besties

Our friends from Florida were in town last week and when their oldest Christopher heard we moved his immediate thought was that we had bought another house.  We had our beach house in the Outer Banks and now our new house.  Lucky us:)
We visited them in Florida just months after they moved and Lauren's first trip was to meet her future husband.  Their friendship's foundation is well planned vacations and I hope these trips continue for years to come. 

I was so happy their visit happened after we moved so they could visit the new house.  Beth and I spend so much time on the phone that she needed the visual of what was where.  My descriptive skills of south wall with large window facing living room built ins just weren't going to cut it.
(down to his diaper after dumping water all over himself)

  Not pictured was their newest addition Nicholas.  In my defense I did try to snap a shot at the end of the visit but his mother said he did not look cute:)  He was just seven weeks old and already as cute as his big brothers!
 We were so happy we got to spend the day with you!
Hoping to make it to Jacksonville some time next year...I should probably stop promising all our guests we'll visit them.  I have a house to decorate too:)


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Den: Before, Progress, and Plan

I wanted to continue to share our before and progress pictures with you, but also include our plan for each room now that we are moved in.  It is very overwhelming to think about what needs to be done to an ENTIRE house, so we thought that a good place to start was just to make a general list for each room and then prioritize.  We live in the real world where this all takes time and money.

This was the den before we moved in.  It's in the back of the house and the previous owners used it as their tv room. 
This space is 13X12.  Not large, but definitely a good space.  At first we were going to leave this room empty, but the logistics of furniture placement (more on that in another post) of our living room led us to make this our family room.  Aside from the curtains and carpet, there was one other eye sore we had to take care of right away.
Hiding behind those lovely curtains was a window that was duct taped shut and covered with bars.  That window looks onto a screened in porch which we think was added after the home was built.  I would love to know the thought process that went into keeping the window as well as the addition of the bars.  I wanted it gone and for a few extra bucks our painter made it disappear from this side.  
Tada!  Much improved!

For starters you know that ripped up all the carpet and had the floors refinished.  They are perfect, at first I thought I wanted them darker but this stain shows the grains but also hides a lot of the unsightly dog hair we deal with everyday.
The walls are Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams.  It's a great mix of brown, black and charcoal.  The white trim compliments the walls well and with so much natural light the space doesn't feel dark.  There isn't a ton we need to do in here, more decorative and a few new pieces.

The Plan
  • add shoe moldings
  • add a rug
  • new/brighter pillows for couch
  • add pendant light fixture
  • window treatments...maybe curtains on outside of bay window
  • purchase new tv stand and possibly create a gallery wall around tv like this

We are loving the coziness of the space, and with the room in the back of the house it feels secluded.  I created a den makeover board where I'm dreaming up ideas for the room.
Up next is our dining room!



Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Birthday Twin

My college bestie, Kristi and her family were visiting from California right before we moved.  They welcomed baby Justin in April, on the 17th to be exact which happens to be my birthday too!  
We just enjoyed a laid back dinner of pizza and salad, and while we caught up the kids watched a movie and played.  We seem to have more girls around then boys, so it was nice for William to have Tyler for the night who loved playing with all his cars and trains.  We always attempt a picture and you should see the nonsense that is going on behind the camera to try and get everyone to smile.  One these visits we'll get it right!
Though there doesn't seem to be a problem with licking your popsicle at the same time when the camera is clicking away.
 I did manage to catch a smile from this cutie!

 Despite all the craziness that was going on in our little Crawford Clan world, I couldn't help myself by join them for another visit.  They wanted to see Greenfield Village and I knew it would be a great break for the kids.   

Justin was perfect the entire day, such a great baby!
 The train and carousel continued to be the big hit.  I don't think we accomplished much else besides eating lunch and visiting the farm.

 Kristi sent me this picture after they left.  I ordered two ice cream cones first, but Tyler enjoyed his in a cup.  There was some serious cone envy going on.  You may have to take the plunge and the mess that comes with it!
 Our visits are never long enough and hopefully I can visit California again, but this time I'll bring the whole fam with me!  Miss you guys!