Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vacation Besties

Our friends from Florida were in town last week and when their oldest Christopher heard we moved his immediate thought was that we had bought another house.  We had our beach house in the Outer Banks and now our new house.  Lucky us:)
We visited them in Florida just months after they moved and Lauren's first trip was to meet her future husband.  Their friendship's foundation is well planned vacations and I hope these trips continue for years to come. 

I was so happy their visit happened after we moved so they could visit the new house.  Beth and I spend so much time on the phone that she needed the visual of what was where.  My descriptive skills of south wall with large window facing living room built ins just weren't going to cut it.
(down to his diaper after dumping water all over himself)

  Not pictured was their newest addition Nicholas.  In my defense I did try to snap a shot at the end of the visit but his mother said he did not look cute:)  He was just seven weeks old and already as cute as his big brothers!
 We were so happy we got to spend the day with you!
Hoping to make it to Jacksonville some time next year...I should probably stop promising all our guests we'll visit them.  I have a house to decorate too:)



  1. Awww, cute pics! Love the last one of Alex, can you email me that? So glad weopted for a adult only night, finally felt like we could talk...miss you always!
    Xoxo, Beth

  2. Send me the one of Christopher and Lauren too! Love her body language in this:) 'sup'

  3. Love the one of Christopher and Lauren! Beth, your kids are so cute!