Monday, February 27, 2012

Master Bedroom: DIY nailhead upholstered headboard tutorial

I was ready to buy this West Elm headboard, but at an out the door cost of almost $550, I was having a hard time clicking it into my shopping cart.

I had had a conversation earlier that week with a friend telling me I could totally make it myself.  Not being the best DIY'er, but being a savvy internet searcher, I found tons of tutorials.  Only thing left was to see if Billy could do be that handy.   Score!

This tutorial was our biggest help because many out there were actually made and hung to the wall, where we wanted to assemble it to the bed.  Their headboard was a little more involved then ours.  No curves for the Crawford's.  

Supply list and cost:
5 - 1 X 4's
1 - 1/2 birch veneer cut to size from a 4 X 8 board
-------------------- total for the above - $50
1 - Nailhead trim kit from JoAnn's - $10 (50% off coupon)
2 - 3 yards of material - $18 (found in clearance section)
1 - queen size quilt batting - $12 on sale
ruler - owned
rubber mallet - owned
staple gun and staples - owned

Other tutorials we referenced:

 We had the headboard cut at Home Depot to the length and height we wanted based on our specific bed.  The West Elm headboard measured 62.75"W X 42"H.  We did our board as wide, but the height was 5ish inches shorter because we were adding the legs for support and attaching.

We didn't buy the foam that was suggested on some tutorials, because on other tutorials it was explained that the nailhead trim wouldn't go all the way through to the wood.  We folded it twice and stapled away.  Going slow to make sure there were no creases or bubbles in the batting and we followed the tutorial exactly for doing the fabric as well.

The nailhead trim kit was so easy and very forgiving.  A few times we felt our line was straight enough.  You can pull it out and start again.  Just use a ruler as a guide for spacing.

The rubber mallet it key as to not scratch the nailhead.

The finished product!
A savings of $450!  Totally worth it!

Our master bedroom makeover project is coming along.  I can't wait to share more, and hopefully soon reveal the entire room.  



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