Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Girl Time and Me Time.

I spent the weekend in California with my favorite sorority sister, Kristi.  The plan all along was to bring William so he could spend some quality time with his future college bestie, Tyler.  Poor William was feverish on Thursday so a last minute executive decision was made to leave to leave him.
 (Dress and necklace c/o of  Joc...thanks!)

I was a mess most of the trip out because #1 I was alone, so all I could think of was leaving William.  #2...we are together 24/7, so I had no time to really think about leaving him back, decision made.  Go.  And #3, this was suppose to be my time with just him.

But, by the time I landed I knew I had made the right decision and it was probably a blessing in disguise.  I don't put myself first enough and needed the girl time and me time.
Friday we shopped in Glendale after arriving in Burbank and Kristi's husband, David, watched Tyler that night so we could head out to a wine bar and then grab dinner.  I was pretty exhausted from my flight and wanted a good night's sleep because we were heading to Paso Robles Saturday morning for all day wine tasting.

Kristi and David were amazing tour guides.  We managed to hit up seven wineries (two were quick stops) in one day!

Tyler was such a trooper!  He enjoyed the house white at almost every stop:)

Daou Winery was the prettiest winery of the day.  The views were amazing.  Great for pictures.  Their Petite Syrah made it home with me too.

CLEARLY enjoying my alone time at my favorite party time winery, Tobin James.
Their reserve wines were AMAZING...I think we might join their wine club.

In true Kristi fashion, she had my favorite wine of the day tattoo'ed on my neck prior to leaving....don't worry, its already gone:)  The Fat Boy Zin was so good!  I convinced the guy pouring to give me three tastes!

It was a great visit.  Long overdue, but like all great friends, no matter the time that has passed you always seem to pick right up from where you left off!

I was sad to leave, but of course ready to see my family.  
Thank you Kristi and David for being such amazing hosts!  Looking forward to seeing you guys when you come in May.  Hopefully, William and Tyler can make up for lost time!



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