Monday, February 27, 2012

Master Bedroom: DIY nailhead upholstered headboard tutorial

I was ready to buy this West Elm headboard, but at an out the door cost of almost $550, I was having a hard time clicking it into my shopping cart.

I had had a conversation earlier that week with a friend telling me I could totally make it myself.  Not being the best DIY'er, but being a savvy internet searcher, I found tons of tutorials.  Only thing left was to see if Billy could do be that handy.   Score!

This tutorial was our biggest help because many out there were actually made and hung to the wall, where we wanted to assemble it to the bed.  Their headboard was a little more involved then ours.  No curves for the Crawford's.  

Supply list and cost:
5 - 1 X 4's
1 - 1/2 birch veneer cut to size from a 4 X 8 board
-------------------- total for the above - $50
1 - Nailhead trim kit from JoAnn's - $10 (50% off coupon)
2 - 3 yards of material - $18 (found in clearance section)
1 - queen size quilt batting - $12 on sale
ruler - owned
rubber mallet - owned
staple gun and staples - owned

Other tutorials we referenced:

 We had the headboard cut at Home Depot to the length and height we wanted based on our specific bed.  The West Elm headboard measured 62.75"W X 42"H.  We did our board as wide, but the height was 5ish inches shorter because we were adding the legs for support and attaching.

We didn't buy the foam that was suggested on some tutorials, because on other tutorials it was explained that the nailhead trim wouldn't go all the way through to the wood.  We folded it twice and stapled away.  Going slow to make sure there were no creases or bubbles in the batting and we followed the tutorial exactly for doing the fabric as well.

The nailhead trim kit was so easy and very forgiving.  A few times we felt our line was straight enough.  You can pull it out and start again.  Just use a ruler as a guide for spacing.

The rubber mallet it key as to not scratch the nailhead.

The finished product!
A savings of $450!  Totally worth it!

Our master bedroom makeover project is coming along.  I can't wait to share more, and hopefully soon reveal the entire room.  



Friday, February 24, 2012

Five Things

Black Honey

During my trip to California, Kristi and I did a little shopping and she totally turned me on to this Clinque lipstick.  It's suppose to look good on everyone and Kristi confirmed that all her friends own it...blondes and brunettes; it compliments everyone.  The color is reddish and totally works with red or oranges, but its not this overpowering red.  I think it will look great in the summer with a tan because it gives a natural look too.


Wills was sporting the Jersey Shore look today.  I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but with him so mobile he just starts running to the camera!  He was our little guido all day!

 (Thanks Tiffany for the hand me downs...he was quite the little stud:) )

 Water Bin

What to do?  What to do?  It's hard to find something to entertain both kids.  William can't do everything Lauren can do and some of things he can do, she isn't willing to share.  Idea:  fill an empty plastic bin with water.  Add toys.  Strip kids.

(Of course Lauren used the moment as an opportunity to put her swimsuit)

This idea was 65% genius, 35% what were you thinking.  They played well for almost thirty minutes, then the splashing began...

and then I had two kids sitting in the bin.  I'll know it was a hit if Lauren asks to play again!

Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

I caught one of my favorite cook's on the Today Show last week, Giada De Laurentis making meatloaf and potatoes two ways.  I had to try it!  
Check out all four recipes here!  Hopefully the link won't get taken down.  If so, I have them saved if anyone needs them.
I made the meatloaf parmesan and baked mashed potatoes with peas, parmesan and breadcrumbs.  The meatloaf was soooo good!  Billy said it was the best I have ever made.  A keeper for sure.  I went rogue on a few things.  Used jarred sauce instead, baked it like a regular meatloaf and skipped the marinara and cheese topping.  It didn't need it.

The Lorax

We are really into Dr. Suess books over here lately and it's fitting because the movie The Lorax is coming out next week.  I don't remember the books growing up, but Billy has many memories of all the tall tales.  I'm enjoying them now and even picked up a few at Target this week because they were 2 for $10....great for an Easter basket, right Beth? :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Five Things

Five things is back...I really owe you twenty things, but I'm not going back.

Painting toes

Her obsession more than mine.  She has really learned to sit still long enough for them to dry.  This is the third time I've painted her toes since the new year.  What am I raising?


Have you cooked with quinoa yet?  I bought it a few weeks ago but have yet to make anything.  It's a trendy food right now, high in fiber and protein.  Here is a link to Cooking Light with 15 recipes.  Might be a good veggie meal during lent!

Quinoa Salad with Artichokes and Parsley


I've been on a grapefruit kick lately and what I don't have are grapefruit spoons.  I would love to find some cute bamboo spoons but can't find them anywhere.  If you know of place....lemme know!

International Love

Whether you love or hate Chris Brown this song is an instant mood lifter and shoulder popping song.  We've been dancing in the car and singing into our spatulas while cooking dinner the last few days.  It's probably not the most kid friendly song, but I know the lyrics are way over their head.

100th Post
Yep, it's my 100th post.  Stay tuned for a "possible" facelift over the next few months, as Billy promised me that if I stuck with this he'd help me make my blog look like some of the ones I follow!  Possible being the key word because I would have to completely rely on him:)

Have a good weekend!



Thursday, February 16, 2012

One year later.

This was my last day of work one year ago today.  I remember driving home with such mixed emotions.  I had worked since I was 16, and even before that I was babysitting.  What was I getting myself into?

It was a huge change for me, one that I wasn't sure was for me, but something I felt I needed to do.  I've said all along that I can always go back to work, I can never get this time back with my kids.  They are only little once.

 And today, I can say I'm so happy I took the leap of faith and stayed home.  Yes, there are days that I'd rather be sipping coffee in a quiet car commuting to work versus reheating the same cup three times because this or that has interrupted that simple enjoyment.  

This is the hardest job I've ever had, but also the most rewarding.  I always wanted a job that would challenge me and keep me busy all day long.  I finally got it:)  The pay isn't as nice, but a pretty nice benefit package.

I got to see William's first steps on Tuesday.  And it wasn't just the two steps that he took that made me smile, it was watching how proud Lauren was of her little brother too.
I get to see it all folks...the good, the bad, and sometimes ugly.  I usually don't share the ugly, it would probably deter some of my readers from even becoming parents:)

We made it kids!



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Girl Time and Me Time.

I spent the weekend in California with my favorite sorority sister, Kristi.  The plan all along was to bring William so he could spend some quality time with his future college bestie, Tyler.  Poor William was feverish on Thursday so a last minute executive decision was made to leave to leave him.
 (Dress and necklace c/o of  Joc...thanks!)

I was a mess most of the trip out because #1 I was alone, so all I could think of was leaving William.  #2...we are together 24/7, so I had no time to really think about leaving him back, decision made.  Go.  And #3, this was suppose to be my time with just him.

But, by the time I landed I knew I had made the right decision and it was probably a blessing in disguise.  I don't put myself first enough and needed the girl time and me time.
Friday we shopped in Glendale after arriving in Burbank and Kristi's husband, David, watched Tyler that night so we could head out to a wine bar and then grab dinner.  I was pretty exhausted from my flight and wanted a good night's sleep because we were heading to Paso Robles Saturday morning for all day wine tasting.

Kristi and David were amazing tour guides.  We managed to hit up seven wineries (two were quick stops) in one day!

Tyler was such a trooper!  He enjoyed the house white at almost every stop:)

Daou Winery was the prettiest winery of the day.  The views were amazing.  Great for pictures.  Their Petite Syrah made it home with me too.

CLEARLY enjoying my alone time at my favorite party time winery, Tobin James.
Their reserve wines were AMAZING...I think we might join their wine club.

In true Kristi fashion, she had my favorite wine of the day tattoo'ed on my neck prior to leaving....don't worry, its already gone:)  The Fat Boy Zin was so good!  I convinced the guy pouring to give me three tastes!

It was a great visit.  Long overdue, but like all great friends, no matter the time that has passed you always seem to pick right up from where you left off!

I was sad to leave, but of course ready to see my family.  
Thank you Kristi and David for being such amazing hosts!  Looking forward to seeing you guys when you come in May.  Hopefully, William and Tyler can make up for lost time!



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Playaway and Gymnastics

Before the wave of sickness hit the Crawford Clan we had a play date at Playaway in Royal Oak.  I didn't even know it existed before our visit, but loved that it was so close to the house.

The owner organized a few activities for the kids...first they did some painting 

and then a sensory activity to understand how fast ice melts in warm water vs. cold water.  

The atmosphere was great for William too.  He could crawl around, eat toys, and push toys in a big open space!  To get our group through the rest of the winter we are going to meet here every Thursday.  I was a little apprehensive at first because between school, gymnastics, and a dance class starting up it seemed like too much.  But I think we'll enjoy having this activity until its warm enough to hit the park again on a regular basis.

And speaking of gymnastics...Lauren is loving it!  We are almost done with our first session and she is getting moved up to the advanced 3 yr old class!

I'm sure she will miss going to class with her friends, but I'm so proud of her for doing so well!  She was showing me some of her moves before class on Monday:)



Monday, February 6, 2012

Sick, Sick, and Project Time!

I had a witty "Five Things" prepared two Friday's ago.  Grandpa Bill had arrived to watch the kids so I could play catch up and as I was about to sit down to type Lauren started burning up.  12 hours later her fever broke, but mine started and lasted 48!
Because the weekend was a total bust, I spent a lot of last week playing catch up while trying to move full steam ahead with our project timeline.

William and Lauren have been sharing a room and we decided it was time to give them their own space, but to do so we are moving a whole lot of things around.  The biggest part of our project is our new room.  Billy and I prepped the room last Monday so my mom and I could paint while Lauren was at school.  William slept most of the morning, so  Grandma and I got busy!

I'm so happy with the results.  
Love, love, love the color!

Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams
(looks a little more grey in these pictures, but it isn't)

I may have tried to do a little too much because I was up half of Tuesday night itching.  I woke up covered in hives.  Yep, hives.  I've never had an allergic reaction in my life, and the cause is still a mystery.  I rested up the rest of the week and got the house back in order so I could hit the ground running for the weekend.  We had a good mix of playing with the kids and getting stuff done.  Plus, the kids even overnighted at Grandma and Grandpa's for no reason.  Billy and I just had a party to go to, no event, just a date!  
We enjoyed just being at home with some cocktails and conversation®.
(giving you props, Beth)

We ended the weekend with a little DIY project!  Here is a sneak peak because it isn't completely done, but Billy and I made an upholstered headboard with nailhead trim.  I plan to post a little tutorial when its all complete!

Hope everyone has a good week!