Friday, February 24, 2012

Five Things

Black Honey

During my trip to California, Kristi and I did a little shopping and she totally turned me on to this Clinque lipstick.  It's suppose to look good on everyone and Kristi confirmed that all her friends own it...blondes and brunettes; it compliments everyone.  The color is reddish and totally works with red or oranges, but its not this overpowering red.  I think it will look great in the summer with a tan because it gives a natural look too.


Wills was sporting the Jersey Shore look today.  I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but with him so mobile he just starts running to the camera!  He was our little guido all day!

 (Thanks Tiffany for the hand me downs...he was quite the little stud:) )

 Water Bin

What to do?  What to do?  It's hard to find something to entertain both kids.  William can't do everything Lauren can do and some of things he can do, she isn't willing to share.  Idea:  fill an empty plastic bin with water.  Add toys.  Strip kids.

(Of course Lauren used the moment as an opportunity to put her swimsuit)

This idea was 65% genius, 35% what were you thinking.  They played well for almost thirty minutes, then the splashing began...

and then I had two kids sitting in the bin.  I'll know it was a hit if Lauren asks to play again!

Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

I caught one of my favorite cook's on the Today Show last week, Giada De Laurentis making meatloaf and potatoes two ways.  I had to try it!  
Check out all four recipes here!  Hopefully the link won't get taken down.  If so, I have them saved if anyone needs them.
I made the meatloaf parmesan and baked mashed potatoes with peas, parmesan and breadcrumbs.  The meatloaf was soooo good!  Billy said it was the best I have ever made.  A keeper for sure.  I went rogue on a few things.  Used jarred sauce instead, baked it like a regular meatloaf and skipped the marinara and cheese topping.  It didn't need it.

The Lorax

We are really into Dr. Suess books over here lately and it's fitting because the movie The Lorax is coming out next week.  I don't remember the books growing up, but Billy has many memories of all the tall tales.  I'm enjoying them now and even picked up a few at Target this week because they were 2 for $10....great for an Easter basket, right Beth? :)


  1. HAHA that pic of Wills is so cute in the track suit. You should put that pink/brown one on Lauren (if it still fits) and take a pic with both of them!

  2. I wish it fit:). Maybe I'll dress her like snooki...ahhh, no!

  3. haha!! we were seperated at birth...I bought some suess books during that sale too...for an easter basket!