Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Sweets {Snickers Chocolate Chip Cookies}

We had an entire bag of Snickers leftover from Halloween and instead of eating it piece by piece, I decided to add more chocolate and some cookie goodness those unwanted calories.  So glad I did because I found another keeper.
 I made the dough a day ahead and refrigerated overnight.  They came out perfectly the next day, I often think that cooler dough bakes better.  They were still soft the next day too, I can't advise on any further shelf life as they were gone in 24 hours.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

 We celebrated Billy's birthday by enjoying a relaxing day at home.  Wait, that's what he wants next year because this year we spent his entire birthday cooking a Thanksgiving dinner.  It was the best turkey I've ever had, but we'll save our energy for when we actually host the main event next year.
And because we are hosting Thanksgiving next year I was inspired to decorate my table.
I've been wanting a burlap runner for awhile and found this one at Home Goods for $11.99.  It has a hint of gold throughout which dresses it up a little.  But if I had seen  this fabric first, I would have scooped this right up!  

 I also picked up the mercury glass candles at $4.99 each.  Even after the candle is gone, I could add votives.  I already had the pumpkins and the garland.  Not that I need it, but I think a salad plate with a fun print would really finish the look.  
I got one shot during the party...Lauren singing and William blowing out the candle:)
Are you hosting Thanksgiving?  
We are free loading this year, and I'm going to enjoy every bit of it!  But also graciously thank our host, it is no easy task!



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Free Falling

The kids were begging me for days to rake leaves so they could jump in.  Lauren remembered us doing it last year, a trick then.  I'm getting to knock something off the to-do list and they think I'm just playing with them.  But this year we don't need to do it, a bonus to having a lawn service.  They blow the leaves for us.  

Last week I made their job a little easier.  We raked and jumped and threw leaves...having some Pure Michigan fun right on the front lawn.

They were ADORABLE!
I even snapped this...why do I get these loving, smiling faces on my iphone and not my camera?!?
Not completely true.  I did attempt my own christmas card pictures this year and managed to snap a few sweet shots.  "THE" picture is top secret until it arrives in your mailbox.



Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Sweets {Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bars}

I almost didn't post this because it's just a box mix from Trader Joe's with a tiny tweak.  But that tweak makes them a little healthier and still really good!
Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bars are delicious but one box calls for an entire stick of butter!  A friend made them and said you can substitute half the butter with pumpkin puree.  I think we are always on the look out for healthier options that don't comprise flavor.  This is one of them!  
If you give it a try let me know!
Also, if you double the recipe just place in a 9X13in pan...that is what I did the first time I made them and actually thought they turned out better.



Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Highlights

In year's past I've bored you with three, maybe four Halloween posts.  Due to a little bit of laziness, a little bit craziness, and a some major computer frustration you are getting it all in one giant post!

The Crawford Clan has never been big into Halloween.  Billy and I have been together for   over ten years and this may have been our third Halloween that we have actually dressed up.  But this year we were inspired.  The kids (and us) loved the movie "Wreck It Ralph," and our foursome fit the proportions from the movie so perfectly that we decided to go all in and dress the part!
Much to our surprise, the movie wasn't nearly as popular as we thought.  When telling people what we were dressing up as, most hadn't even heard of the movie:(  The movie was very big in the adult comic loving you'll be seeing our costumes later this year at Comic-Con!
   We dressed up the weekend before Halloween for some trick or treating at our local park...
and Lauren's school did a little parade and sang songs.
And then we hosted Halloween at our house.  It was pouring rain all day!
 All of the grandparents came, but I'm sure they enjoyed the much shorter drive this year!
And being so close to Emma, we got to enjoy trick or treating with her family too!
 We had so much fun dressing up with the kids that we're already talking about next year...right now they want to be Wonder Woman and Batman.  If that sticks I'm thinking I can turn my costume into Catwoman:)