Sunday, October 30, 2011

If only you lived here..

I say those words at least once a week to my transplanted friend, usually with a "dude" first.  This post is a little overdue but I was waiting for some pictures off Beth's camera before I could publish this.  We've known each other since our days at General Dynamics and have been long distance besties for most of our friendship.  We've spent several long weekends in Florida pre and post kid,  but hadn't seen one another since February.  Our longest stretch to date.  

This visit was the first time Alex and William would meet.  You wouldn't believe it from the picture, but Alex is actually five weeks younger than Wills.  His grandpa said mom and dad should ask Coach Dantonio for a letter of intent now!
Beth and I actually got  married and had both of our babies within five weeks of each other. Yep, that's when Beth announces she is pregnant with number three, Billy will be on a business trip for five weeks.  Ha!

We planned an all day playdate with the kids and a dinner date for just us!  We love getting the kids together, but its hard for us to have a conversation.  Well planned and must each time she visits.
 (nice tv cords...)

Beth is an amazing mom who always puts her boys first.  She snaps over 100 pictures a month and the pictures show just how much she loves her life!  I'm so lucky to have someone who is going through exactly what I am...staying at home with your kids is no walk in the park and it can be lonely.  After a tough day, she is always there to listen and always knows what to say.

Drooling buds!

We saw our friends again to celebrate Christopher's 3rd birthday!  A combined "Cars" themed birthday with his cousin.  Beth's sister made these adorable cakes from scratch...totally inspiring!

Lauren got her first football lesson from Uncle Matt

 and dad:)  It was adorable to watch all the kids play!

Thanks for letting us be part of your day Christopher, my future son-in-law:)

I miss you already and our fingers are crossed that we might get to see you sooner than Christmas!



Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Preview: Part 2

We had a fun filled Halloween Thursday with a dressed up playdate followed by Boo Day at dad's office.  This was the only picture I got at the playdate.  All the kids looked cute and our host even had a great craft for the kids to do.

We got re-dressed later in the afternoon just as the sun was starting to come out.  I had to have a picture of my little Superman and Pinkalicious...
 I sat William on the porch next to Lauren and thought "he wouldn't dive off would he?"
Seriously, .2 seconds after this adorable picture (IMO!) was snapped, he face planted on the step below.  Guess he thought he could fly:)

There was blood and tears, but smiles within 10 minutes.  Looks a lot worse and I even had his nose checked today to see if it was broken...were all good!  I already broke a certain brother's nose, so I'm sure the teasing will start as soon as he reads this post!

 Boo Day was no Team Detroit, but we enjoyed showing off our kids...bruises and all!



Monday, October 24, 2011


I had two goals this fall for just our family...the cider mill and a trip to MSU.  We went up on Saturday and had the perfect day!  Billy was a little nervous how a day at our alma mater which we only know pre-kids would be post-kids.  It went off without a hitch and certainly made us want to make the trip more often.

Our first stop as Delta Gamma.  The house looks amazing!  They have made a lot of improvements and the overflowing floralness in every room circa 1999 has been replaced with more subdued and neutral patterns, still sticking with the color scheme of bronze, pink and blue though.

 It was a quick trip in and out just to show Lauren where mom use to live and of course a picture in front of the anchor with my future DG!

We then made our way down Grand River, and our usual dialog begins..."Flat's closed?", "they have a Chipotle now?", "that is still there?"  We parked and then made our way  over to Sigma Chi to meet up with some old friends and their little cutie, Claire.

The gentlemen at Sigma Chi put on a great spread and much to our surprise, the house was in tip-top shape!
Wills was a trouper all day either being passed around or strapped in the baby bjorn, though he was trying to sneak some brews:)

Our Future Spartans!

See what I mean?

 I had to sneak this pic in...boat shoes, boat shoes, boat shoes!  
(hint, hint - Billy is looking for a new pair if anyone needs a birthday gift idea)

 And at both houses we had to point out our pictures to Laurenand secretly ourselves, to remind us that we can't be that old if our pictures are still up!

This picture cracks me up...I could crop it, but after it was taken his friend asked me how he did.  I said it was great, not wanting to redo with the kids...his response, "Amateur photographer."  He was kidding, but seemed really proud:)
 Our last stop was with some Valassis friends who deep fried a we've ever had!  Thanks Andy and Suzanne for letting us be part of your tailgate.  And the win made the day even that much better!

Happy Monday!



Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Preview: Part 1

We had the pleasure of trick or treating at Team Detroit's amazing office on Friday, courtesy of Jocelyn and Colin.  These ad agency employees go all out for kids!

Emma was dressed as the cutest cow girl and Lauren went as Pinkalicious, her current favorite book!

This department won first place, the picture doesn't do it justice.  It was quite the sight!

This Harry Potter display was one of my favorites...

Jocelyn's area was smurfland (if that's what it's called??)

Future circus star?!?

Or maybe a gymnast!

Wills was a perfect Superman!  
He barely made a sound...sitting all hero-like in his stroller the entire time!
I tried to slick his hair back, even used product on my seven month old.  
I'll try harder for Halloween part 2:)

This "talking" bird was a huge hit with Emma and Lauren.  What candy?  They could have stayed and talked to him the whole time.  

The girls had the best time together.  Emma even said the best part was sweet to hear!

At least one of them is looking:)
Thanks so much for including The Crawford Clan in your Halloween extravaganza!  

I didn't forget about the giveaway.
And the winner is....

Megan L. and are the lucky winners!  
(Koz- facebook me your address)



Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who wants to be a firefighter when they grow up?

Apparently, Lauren does!

My parenting group got a tour and some education at the Royal Oak Fire Department today.  I was looking forward to it all week.  Between you and me, I was really hoping they would let us slide down the poll. Negative.  Heh, a girl can wish:)
It wasn't just me, look how happy these mom's look?

 The firemen did a great job trying to get the kids to be comfortable around them.  Saying over and over, that they are just themselves underneath all the equipment and not to be scared.  Lauren wasn't intimidated one bit and did in fact raise her hand that she wanted to be a firefighter when she grows up!

Even though I'm the parent, I learned a lot this morning.  
Most importantly, the firefighters recommended that we install smoke alarms that can detect both heat and smoke.  Many can only detect one.  How to know?  You want check the inside to make sure they have both an I and P in the inside.  

She was really excited and engaged during our visit, it was cracking everyone up!  I can only say it was because we watched a youtube video about fire trucks the night before to get her pumped up for the visit.  Before watching the video she really only knew what a fire truck was from a picture.  Or maybe she was just happy to get out of the house (as was mom) after we hunkered down all of Wednesday because of rain.

The kids and parents enjoyed...some more than others, but a fun morning!

 Thank you to the Royal Oak Firefighters for having us!