Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank you...

This past year has been an emotional journey, of much sorrow and so much joy.  But the people I've always held closest to me were my one constant.  I always knew I had the best friends and family, but all of your actions made me believe even more.


 The phone calls, cards, texts, meals, prayers and love were so needed and you all just did.  You were an anchor.  Arms, when I needed carrying.  And you never tried to fix me, only guide me.


I've learned a lot this year, but mostly I've learned that all that matters are the people that I surround myself with.  The only thing I take with me are the memories I make.

So thank you for being you...for all the memories, especially those to come.

And Lauren and William, your simple smiles did more healing than you will ever know.

To Dad,

The house smelled of you on Monday when we made your chili.  The recipe needed tweaking, mainly beans, which were missing from the ingredient list, but we figured it  out.  A lot like the last year.  You're gone, but we are all finding our way...and I think you'd be pretty proud.  

 I miss you and I know your watching.  



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