Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Preview: Part 2

We had a fun filled Halloween Thursday with a dressed up playdate followed by Boo Day at dad's office.  This was the only picture I got at the playdate.  All the kids looked cute and our host even had a great craft for the kids to do.

We got re-dressed later in the afternoon just as the sun was starting to come out.  I had to have a picture of my little Superman and Pinkalicious...
 I sat William on the porch next to Lauren and thought "he wouldn't dive off would he?"
Seriously, .2 seconds after this adorable picture (IMO!) was snapped, he face planted on the step below.  Guess he thought he could fly:)

There was blood and tears, but smiles within 10 minutes.  Looks a lot worse and I even had his nose checked today to see if it was broken...were all good!  I already broke a certain brother's nose, so I'm sure the teasing will start as soon as he reads this post!

 Boo Day was no Team Detroit, but we enjoyed showing off our kids...bruises and all!



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