Sunday, October 16, 2011

Feeling Crafty

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Now on to the post...

Finding inspiration for projects has never been my problem, its the follow through that is.  But my latest obsession with has helped see my projects go full circle.
If you haven't discovered this online bulletin board, go and be prepared to get lost for hours.  Idea heaven, my friends.
I started with a simple mantel of gourds and fall branches from Michael's.  Easy Peasy.

This idea was actually years in the making and taken from an old hairdresser.  She had a framed photo of her kids from every Halloween on display.  I always thought that was so cute...Billy said I'm gonna run out of room pretty quick.  

The table could use a little something more, but I'll go hunting after Halloween for the real cheap stuff.  And what does he know, this table could hold a good 4 or 5 years worth!

And the piece de fall initial wreath.  Ideas taken from here and here via pinterest.
All purchased at Michaels
The wreath, branches, ribbon, Wooden letter, scrapbook paper, & modpodge...$20.00

I did have to superglue the C to the wreath, but everything else could come out to change up for Christmas.

This was the first time I modpodged and if you do decided to make your own wreath I do have a few tips.  It dries fast and helps if you take credit card to smooth it once you apply.  If you get air bubbles, don't worry.  Modpodge is very forgiving.  Within a few hours the air bubbles were gone and it looked great.  I applied three top coats just because I wanted it to be shinier.

Another place I get inspiration from is Better Homes and Gardens magazine and I'd love to share it with you!  I can renew my subscription while giving two friends a free subscription for a year.  Want it?  Here's how....
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You have till Friday (10/21).  
I will randomly select two people and post the "winners" on Saturday!
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  1. That wreath turned out so cute! Can i place an order? :)

  2. Jocelyn, you are entered....or should I say "bebbaa3c" :)

    And for anyone having a problem commenting. I now made it so you can comment as an "anonymous" under "Comment as." This should help anyone having a problem! Good luck:)

  3. So creative! I left your house full of ideas....AKA, stealing your ideas:). Your house could be in BHG:).
    I do already get BHG so if I win pick another lucky commenter.

  4. Hi Aubrey -

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog and following your family through your updates and pics.

    Your fall decorating turned out so cute! I'd love a subscription to BHaG in hopes of getting some more cute ideas ;)

    Take care.
    Jenny (Koz) Lewis

  5. Love everything!! You go, crafty-gurrrl!! I think the halloween pics of past is a darling idea! xo! (btw, this is your most-devoted reader but I've chosen to be anonymous today)

  6. Nice decor! i like whatcha've done with the place:) And I love Modpodge so I'm glad you're getting hip to it. And I'd also love a subscription to BH&G if I'm so lucky to be selected. I think I'm already a follower, but I still don't totally know how to use my blog (or yours apparently).