Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Preview: Part 1

We had the pleasure of trick or treating at Team Detroit's amazing office on Friday, courtesy of Jocelyn and Colin.  These ad agency employees go all out for kids!

Emma was dressed as the cutest cow girl and Lauren went as Pinkalicious, her current favorite book!

This department won first place, the picture doesn't do it justice.  It was quite the sight!

This Harry Potter display was one of my favorites...

Jocelyn's area was smurfland (if that's what it's called??)

Future circus star?!?

Or maybe a gymnast!

Wills was a perfect Superman!  
He barely made a sound...sitting all hero-like in his stroller the entire time!
I tried to slick his hair back, even used product on my seven month old.  
I'll try harder for Halloween part 2:)

This "talking" bird was a huge hit with Emma and Lauren.  What candy?  They could have stayed and talked to him the whole time.  

The girls had the best time together.  Emma even said the best part was sweet to hear!

At least one of them is looking:)
Thanks so much for including The Crawford Clan in your Halloween extravaganza!  

I didn't forget about the giveaway.
And the winner is....

Megan L. and are the lucky winners!  
(Koz- facebook me your address)




  1. Yay! Awesome, can't wait to get the one! MegL ;)