Wednesday, September 5, 2012

William's Room: DIY Quote on Canvas

I found this idea on pinterest a few weeks ago and thought we could do something similar in William's room.  Find a quote, glue, paint and voila!

This blogger used old magazines, newspaper, or pages from books.  I wanted something that would have a little more meaning.  The Dr. Suess book Oh, The Places You'll Go! , has been a family favorite!

This book was given to me by a dear friend when I graduated from high school.  I've kept it ever since and read it to both Lauren and William while pregnant and ever since. 
Billy and I picked a few favorite pages and had color copies made.

The supplies needed are a canvas size of your choice, acrylic paint, brush, glue, vinyl letters, and mod podge for a finished look.

As much as I love the title, this quote is one of my favorites.  I laid the paper out and used hot glue (though elmers would have worked too).  Then I placed the vinyl letters in place and painted away, painting over the letters too.

After the paint dried, I removed the letters.  They pulled away easily and then applied two coats of mod podge, though I think I might add one more to give it more shine.

Like most of my projects, it was pretty painless.  
For less than $20 we've got an original piece of art.

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  1. Love love love!

    Xoxo, Beth

  2. how do you get it from not bubbling when you put the paint over the top?

    1. If you used Modge Podge to secure the paper, it probably wouldn't bubble. For a cheaper option, you can just water down Elmer's Glue-All until it has a "brushable" consistency. Make sure you paint the Modge Podge on the canvas and on top of the pictures!

  3. This is a great project! Thanks for sharing. ; )