Friday, September 21, 2012

Future Spartans (and winner annouced!)

A visit to Michigan State will always bring back treasured memories.  From my days in the dorms, sorority life, meeting Billy and of course football.  

We had such a great time tailgating with the kids last year that we attempted it again this past weekend.  It was all I could talk last week, completely excited for our little day trip.  I watch most of the games on tv, but it's not like I'm this die hard fan who plans their life around the Spartan's schedule (However, I will admit to screaming at the tv).  It's because I called this place home for four years, and I'd be lying if I don't have this little dream of our children getting experience what we did.  
So, the sales pitch is starting early.  College part two, right?

  We could not have asked for a better day or better kids.  Look at him, born to tailgate.
We were able to catch up with friends without chasing them around and just relax, which doesn't always happen.

While MSU may have the scale tipped in its favor, we will gladly support any decision.  
At the very least, we'll take them as lifelong fans.



****Congrats Megan!  You apparently have good luck with my giveaways****

Have a great weekend everyone and go green!


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  1. Yaya!!! Keep these giveaways comin'! Bring on the next :)