Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Day.

With school starting we felt it was important to talk to Lauren about being a student, being herself, and being a friend.  And before you think "it's JUST preschool," hear me out.  They're listening and absorbing everything.  Sponges.

You may think certain things don't make a difference, but they do.  If we make it a big deal, they think it's a big deal.  And school will always be a big deal in our house.

My mom always put us in something special on the first day of school and took our pictures on the front porch.  

I'm following suit.  Lauren picked out this special dress weeks ago, but added the final touches that morning.  Sissy rarely leaves home without a belt...sound like anyone else?

We did a few little things to build up the day, but I can't get over how much she has absorbed about how to be in school.  Work hard, be you, and accept everyone.  Out of nowhere she has been talking to us about "being Lauren and nobody else."

We were just a few doors down from her old classroom and saw lots of familiar faces, so the drop off for Lauren was a breeze.  Me, well that was a surprise.  As soon as we walked into the room and I saw her name above the hook where she was to hang her backpack my eyes welled right up.  Bittersweet always gets me. 

I stayed for awhile, wait, the parents were asked to stay to ease the transition.  Maybe more so for us, then them!  Lauren got to explore the room...touching everything she could!

And pick up...this will never get old!

We ended the night with a back to school sweet treat, apple cupcakes.

A new tradition I hope my kids will look forward to, eventually role their eyes at, and hopefully carry on themselves one day.




  1. Great post, I can relate to it all!
    I have to say, Lauren is losing the little girl cuteness and growing into such a PRETTY girl. That picture of her in front of the hand in hand sign you can almost see a new to toddler to little lady.

    Xoxo, Beth

  2. She is such a doll!!! Love seeing these pics! Makes MY eyes well up :)