Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So Long Summer

Even though we have another week before school starts, alarms are being set and routines have started.  So, we made the most of the last unofficial week of summer.

Florida Friends

Beth and the kids were visiting for almost two weeks, but our schedules didn't mesh as well as we both would have liked (we both stood up in weddings a week apart).  As usual, her family was kind enough to let us crash a lunch and pool playdate.

 I love this little picnic table for the kids!

Her sister has a community pool and Lauren loved playing with Christopher and getting some personal swim lessons from older cousin, Meghan.

Playing Hooky

Meghan (not the little blonde above) took the day off work to hang with us.  Yes, Billy asked the same thing...is she suffering from some sort of head injury?  Nope, she 100% wanted a break from the 9 to 5 crazy to join our crazy.  

We lounged by the pool, had a picnic lunch, and while juggling Lauren and William, we still got to catch up.  My girl time is a nice break from the kids, but it was so thoughtful of Meghan to take the time to spend it with me and my two loves.

Roll Tide

I feel I should preface this by saying that even though we were dressed in red, the majority of us wanted Michigan to win on Saturday.  But only for personal gain, a win against Alabama would be good for the big ten, but more importantly it would have made our future win over Michigan look even better for MSU.  I digress.

Roll Tide has been an ongoing joke with my family so it seemed fitting to have them over to watch the Alabama vs. UofM game and wear crimson.

 We were feeling a little over chips, salsa, and guacomole...yummy antipasto was perfect!

Let's put another game night dinner on the calendar soon!

I've got one more post about summer.  I came really close to completing my bucket list, and I've got a few posts for some home projects we finally got around to tackling this past weekend!



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