Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Free Falling

The kids were begging me for days to rake leaves so they could jump in.  Lauren remembered us doing it last year, a trick then.  I'm getting to knock something off the to-do list and they think I'm just playing with them.  But this year we don't need to do it, a bonus to having a lawn service.  They blow the leaves for us.  

Last week I made their job a little easier.  We raked and jumped and threw leaves...having some Pure Michigan fun right on the front lawn.

They were ADORABLE!
I even snapped this...why do I get these loving, smiling faces on my iphone and not my camera?!?
Not completely true.  I did attempt my own christmas card pictures this year and managed to snap a few sweet shots.  "THE" picture is top secret until it arrives in your mailbox.



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