Friday, March 2, 2012

Five Things

Shamrock Shake

We enjoyed our first ever this week.  It's sweet and minty all in one sip, or would that be a slurp?  Billy and I tried to get one last Saint Patrick's Day as my last meal pre-labor but they were out.  Seriously?  On THE day?  It was worth the wait.

Wine and Weights (title props to Joc)

In the reverse order actually.  Post shamrock sugar high, I met up with my girls for a little  intense workout. It was nice to break up the week with some girl time even if we only had a few short hours to catch up.  Our dinner was healthy and we kept the wine to a minimum as to not totally defeat the purpose of calorie burning:)  I'm really hoping that Billy's travel schedule is going to slow down and we can try and do this every few weeks.  

Yogurt Parfait

I'm always trying to feed Lauren (and now William) some healthier snacks, and I haven't found that go-to-good-for-you-snack.  I always find myself going back to a bowl of fishies.  Well, a friend introduced me to these yogurt parfaits.  You can make it however you want, but we love greek yogurt at our house.  A couple spoonfuls of whatever flavor you like (vanilla-honey was my choice), sliced strawberries, and top it all off with grape nuts.  (My friend used rice krispies)

Jack Rogers

These are top on my spring/summer wish list.  Actually, they are the only thing on my wish list.  My online window shopping has been lacking as of late.  I own one pair and have been lusting after these black babies for almost two years.  I'm adding these to my closet!  And yes, they are expensive but they LAST and can be dressed up or down.  The perfect summer sandal.  
And you know who else had 'em?  One of my style icon's....Jackie O.  She made them famous.

Where's William?

His new fav...

Cracking himself up while hiding behind the curtains.

Of course, another comedian:)



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