Monday, March 26, 2012

Little Ballerina says Hello Kitty

Little Ballerina, I love you:)

There wasn't anything graceful about the class.  More like chaos.  Kids were crying for their mama's, staring off into space, and doing the opposite of what the teacher asked.

Lauren wasn't shy, but was most certainly distracted.  I watched her sizing up her classmates, specifically checking out their ballet shoes (which we didn't buy) and tutu's. 

There are 19 girls in this class, which in my opinion is way too many for this age group. 
You get what you pay for, but $30 for six weeks is a great price to determine whether or not she even likes dance.  

And then we celebrated Miss Emma's 4th birthday!
It was all Lauren talked about after gymnastics, we couldn't have gotten there fast enough.  "When are we going?"  "We need to leave now"

 Wills was quite the stud!  One dude to all those chicks...he'll be in heaven someday:)

I wish I had more pictures of the cute decorative touches for the Hello Kitty Theme.  Lauren absolutely loved her favor...a Hello Kitty shirt she proudly wore all day yesterday!

And my favorite part...these cupcakes:)  We were sent home with a few and I enjoyed the last one after lunch today!  Yum!

(Billy, you say I never compliment your photography skills...thanks for taking this cute can't even tell my nails are crazy chipped)



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