Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let's E-A-T!

 Our kitchen re-do has been done for over two years, but I've never gotten around to adding anything decorative. I just couldn't think of what I wanted or what I wanted was way too expensive.  Insert Pinterest.

Ok, ok...if you are sick of my references you probably need to stop reading because there will most likely be more...I love it.  Heck, my mom's even on it.

I pinned this and it's so easy.  I've always liked the look and finding a cheap way of to make it happen was what got me going.  I was lucky enough to pick up the paint and letters at Jo-Ann's with a ton of coupons, so the project cost was even cheaper than I first thought...less than $10.  Without the coupons, I would have been hovering around $20, still not breaking the bank.  But who doesn't love a good savings?

The tutorial references "pearl paint,"  I'm pretty sure I got the same thing, but the color was metallic pearl.  It looked white when I opened it, so I did a test before starting and putting the white over the black, did in fact make silver.

Follow the tutorial from the link and your set.  This took less than an hour to do.  

Below the E-A-T sign is just one of the carved wood pieces from the craft store.  They sell in all different sizes and shapes.  Billy sanded and spray painted with chalkboard paint.  Attach with cute ribbon and our bare wall finally had some wow.

I've been writing the menu on it or some cute quotes to inspire me for the day.  
Billy usually teases me about the quote, but I don't care:) Sometimes you need something staring at you in the face to change your attitude or remind one is perfect!

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  1. Love the letters (and the quote!). xxo!