Friday, March 16, 2012

Five Things

The Experiment

I took Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to really put Lauren first.  I disconnected myself from Pinterest, email, and Facebook when she was around.  And when I went to make a phone call or write my blog, I told her before, basically prepping her for what was to come.  

She had a few accidents Tuesday, one Wednesday, and nothing Thursday or today!  We have been busier over here with home projects as well as focusing a lot of attention on William turning one.  I can't say if it worked, but maybe the "prepping" technique is something she needs.  I wanted to share what I had done because I know potty training can be hard, and even though regression is common I wanted to see if it was attention that she was craving.  William's big day is tomorrow...hopefully she is accident free:)

Warmer Weather

Everyone is welcoming the warmer temps, even with an extra long to do list in preparation for the party...I'm making excuses!

We met some friends at Quarton Park in Birmingham to feed the ducks.
 The kids loved it!

A little bit of bread for the ducks...a little bit of bread for the kids.

Cake Pops

The latest dessert trend won't be making a debut at the Crawford house tomorrow.  What a disaster.  Over.  Done.  I was warned (I should have listened to you, Joc!)...not so simple.  In the trash and debating what to do next...ugh!

Saint Patrick's Day Crafts

What did go well for me were a few crafts for the party.  I'll show more after the party, but I cut out a few shamrocks and hung them from the chandelier.

On this vase, I just took some green yarn, hot glued it at the bottom to start and at the top after I was finished.  So easy!  Then I took a shamrock cut out and used velcro to stick it to the yarn.  My thinking was I could easily replace it with something Sparty if I used velcro vs. glue.

March Madness

Admittedly, I'm not into the madness this year.  This is the first time in ten years I have not filled out a bracket, I just couldn't find the time.  I guess it just means I won't be watching anyone but the Spartans.  Of course, I'm gonna cheer on my team!  Go Green!



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