Thursday, March 22, 2012

Master Bedroom: Gallery Wall

After I discovered Pinterest one of my first searches was to find inspiration for a gallery wall.  I've always wanted one in our house and when I knew we were switching some rooms around, the master bedroom seemed like the perfect place.

My inspiration was found here.  There were a few other gallery walls I liked but this was the best.  I wanted our most recent family photo to be the center of the gallery wall, and played around with different display styles before  finally deciding.  The key for me was placing everything on the floor, taking a picture of it, and repeating it with different options.  Then I chose the one I wanted.  Spaced it how I wanted and Billy did the rest.

I also chose all matching frames.  I like these frames from Crate and Barrel because they can be displayed horizontal or vertical.  We can change things around without having to add more holes in the walls...except for the rectangle frame:)

I love all the pictures we chose.  Almost all of them tell a story to us...that picture of Lauren looking out the window is something she loved to do right around 12 months, and now William is doing it.  And the landscape picture was taken when Billy and traveled to Colorado for a long weekend.  We hiked that day and just happened to catch a group of Elk.  It was a special trip and the picture reminds me of it.
I'm sure the pictures will change as we create more memories and I hope we can add a few more frames too...right, honey?

Another blog I follow, A Thoughtful Place, recently posted a gorgeous gallery wall.  Enjoy!

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