Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kiss Me I'm One!

Here a few party pics from William's birthday bash.  We kept it small and easy for a few reasons and think this will be the way to go until he can remember.  And we may also decide that the way to go will be outside our home.  Parties are work!
Anyone remember parties at Major Magic's?  Easy peasy, right?

Custom onesie c/o of Grandma Mary.  She did it for Lauren and after a last minute reminder, did for Wills!
You are the best, mom!

Just a few decorations...the "i'm irish" sign was from Home Goods, but I made the wreath and the birthday sign.  Lauren made the shamrock paper plate at school.
The birthday sign is actually really easy if you have some scrapbooking tools.  I print the letters here on different colored cardstock, and then glue on top of scrapbook paper in coordinating prints/colors.  Use a hole punch and thread ribbon.  You can see the one I did for Lauren's 3rd birthday too.
Also, if anyone out there local wants to borrow...they are yours!  I have a few others too.

My mom and brothers arrived a little early and we were able to snap a few pictures.  This is such a cute picture of Sean and William.

Godfathers with their godchildren!

Awww...I just want to eat him up!  And I do, everyday!

As I said on Friday, my cake pops were a fail.  Before that even happened I had gotten a last minute idea for party popcorn.  It was so good and I don't even like popcorn.  A crowd pleaser too, I think because I did single servings.  People love anything they can pick up and munch on.  Store bought cookies replaced the cake pops, oh well:(  Better luck next time.

And the entree was Reuben Bar.  
We had all kind of fixins' and the panini press heated up and ready to go!

As you can see he got his cake...and ate it too:)
(Ahh...couldn't resist)

Best part was he was willing to share...thank you Kroger for the $3.99 smash cake!

We couldn't have asked for a better day...gorgeous weather, exactly the same as last year.  Billy made a great video of William's first year and it was the perfect way to end the party.  And can I share?  I would if I could, but I'm not that tech saavy.

Yes, it was a lot of work.  It was worth it, but I'm glad it's over.  

Our little family.  Makes me smile.



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  1. What a beautiful family! Looks like a great party, love the popcorn cup idea.
    Beth :)