Friday, March 9, 2012

Five Things

Monday Funday

Major props to Billy for suggesting this dinner out on Monday.  We don't go out to eat often, it's usually easier to just cook in and cheaper too.  But I gotta say, I loved having something fun to do on Monday night.  It was nice to not have to cook and we all got dressed up....another love!

On Monday's at the restaurant around the corner from the office there is a magician, a character, and free food.  Well, kids eat free!  Lauren was a little shy at first, but warmed up by the end.  Needing to say goodbye to Sponge Bob about 25 times!


Double Stroller

Some of have wondered how I got this far without one, but its been easy.  I normally don't go anywhere with both kids where I would need one, like the mall.  When we have gone, Lauren walks and its a one stop shop.  In and out.  At Target or the grocery store we use the cart.  And last summer for walks, I used the baby bjorn.  I realized that my method wouldn't work this summer unless I was wanting to add to my already bad back.

Facebook finally did me some good versus being the usual time sucker.  (Nope, I don't care what articles you read this morning, but apparently I do because I'm clicking....)  Moving on...I posted that I needed one and by the end of the day I was offered a FREE one!  I picked it up on Wednesday, thank you Kristen!  It did need a little TLC, but I'm really happy.  We went out for a walk and it rides well.  Lauren looks sooo big in it!

Meyer Lemon Cookies

My newest obsession from Trader Joe's.  Nine cookies for 130 calories.  Ok, they are paper thin but nine still feels like a lot...especially when bathing suit season is fast approaching.

Mad for Plaid

Even more of an obsession was finding this bathing suit.  I was on a mission to get William prepped out in this little number, but they were sold out everywhere in his size.  But the power of the universe was on my side because after getting a text message at 10:30pm from Beth that it was restocked, I was one click away from ordering.  Now he will match his Florida buddies on the beach in a few months:)


Is it just me or is it a struggle for everyone?  I follow these other blogs where they do all this DIY stuff or another one where it appears they effortlessly play for hours with their kids.  Maybe they just don't sleep?  Must be it:)  I wish I had some magic formula where I could get enough quality time with everyone in my life, have a clean house, cook great meals, workout, and enjoy some trashy tv.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that I hope you don't think I'm that blogger that is doing it all.  I'm not.  I have to try some weeks to really find the time to blog or to really find the time to have quality play time with the kids.  It's a give and take.  When the house is clean, I haven't played with the kids.  Or the laundry may be done, fridge stocked, bills paid, but my hair hasn't been washed in two days.  Super mom doesn't live here!  I could never be super mom....I drink way too much:)



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