Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Master Bedroom: Dresser Reveal

Another master bedroom reveal!  
We had been using craigslist finds and hand me down furniture for way too long, so when we decided to move the bedrooms around, we I decided it was time to get a few new things.   But being on a budget, we decided on this IKEA Hemnes dresser for $249.
35 steps later...yes, 35...we were in business!  
(Did you know we have a dog?  Do I know I have a dog?  That's Sydney...or Psycho Syd for short)

We are really happy with it.  It seems to be made really well and the size is perfect for that wall.

I even love the cute yellow striped lined drawers.  Too cute!
And yes, I color coordinate my drawers.  That's the OCD in me:)

 I purchased a few new things to decorate the top and still want to do a little more, but this will work for now.  I like to let things simmer for a bit before going all out on my decor.  The painting was done by my SIL, Cara, years ago.  We never had a place for it, but after painting this room I knew it would totally work in here.

It's a little damaged from years in our basement, but I thought that leaning it against the wall, layered with a mirror would work.  

I just want to look for a tray or a long box to put my everyday jewelry in at the end of the night.  What do you think?  Any suggestions?  I'd love to hear if you think this works!

 I purchased the mirror for $40 at Home Goods and the orchid for $8.99.  Using books to add height and balance is an easy go to decorating tip!  
Everything else was taken from around the house.


I can even hang my outfit up...because half my clothes won't have a home in this room's closet, they will remain upstairs.  It's really just my dressier stuff, so I'm ok with it.  Someday, all my stuff will be in one big closet!  A girl can dream!

(Dress is from JCP....$27!)




  1. Love it. It looks great Aubrey! - Marie

  2. I dig the JCP dress!!! And that Vera Wang silver box on the books-what good taste!