Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweatin The Small Stuff

The last few days have been challenging with Lauren and I've focused a lot of energy on the why of it.  Why is she testing me?  Why is she regressing with potty training?  Why is dressing for PJ day so difficult? (that was suppose to be the easy day)
I got some advice from a few different friends and talked things over with Billy and we are going to do a little experiment to see if things might change.  

Stressing about accidents and thinking it's my fault isn't going to do any of us any good.  It's all probably normal and hopefully it will work itself out.  And instead of sweating this small stuff I need to celebrate some big stuff!  

With the change in weather we brought Lauren's bike up from the basement and I can't believe how much she's grown since her birthday.  Her feet were barely touching the pedals then, but now the fit is almost perfect.  She can get the pedaling, but because the bike is still a little big, steering is difficult.  We had one wipe out but she got right back on.

Wills doesn't seem to be as adventurous as his sister when it comes to the outdoors.  He is sitting back and observing this whole new outside world before starting to explore.

At first I had to carry him from the patio to the play area because he wouldn't walk on the grass.  It worked in my favor as I had to pick up pounds of dog $h*t!

The big birthday is Saturday and I just can't believe it's been a year since we welcomed our little leprechaun into the world:)

 I had my moment to stress and put blame on myself, but as usual...today was a better day!  I took the morning to myself, some much needed time to regroup, so I could start the afternoon fresh.

We blew bubbles, went for a walk to the playground, and cooked together.

Lauren's first picture with my camera...kind of likin' her style:)



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