Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Theatre

I have now successfully taken the kids to see four movies, but last weekend was their first live performance.  Props to dad for the suggestion of taking the kids to see If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, the popular book turned play.  That title also happens to be The Crawford Clan's number one post. (No shame in plugging that one more time)
 It was difficult explaining what a play was, but I think it made sense to Lauren when I related it back to her performing LIVE for us.  The kids got dressed up and Lauren even carried her purse which included lip gloss, a comb and brush, makeup brushes, and white gloves.

The ushers passed out cookies before and the kids waited patiently (surprising, I know) for the show to start. It was an adorable show that kept their attention and made all of us laugh.  And it was just under an hour, any longer and we would have lost them.

A great afternoon and hope another favorite book turned play makes its way to town!



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