Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Birthday Twin

My college bestie, Kristi and her family were visiting from California right before we moved.  They welcomed baby Justin in April, on the 17th to be exact which happens to be my birthday too!  
We just enjoyed a laid back dinner of pizza and salad, and while we caught up the kids watched a movie and played.  We seem to have more girls around then boys, so it was nice for William to have Tyler for the night who loved playing with all his cars and trains.  We always attempt a picture and you should see the nonsense that is going on behind the camera to try and get everyone to smile.  One these visits we'll get it right!
Though there doesn't seem to be a problem with licking your popsicle at the same time when the camera is clicking away.
 I did manage to catch a smile from this cutie!

 Despite all the craziness that was going on in our little Crawford Clan world, I couldn't help myself by join them for another visit.  They wanted to see Greenfield Village and I knew it would be a great break for the kids.   

Justin was perfect the entire day, such a great baby!
 The train and carousel continued to be the big hit.  I don't think we accomplished much else besides eating lunch and visiting the farm.

 Kristi sent me this picture after they left.  I ordered two ice cream cones first, but Tyler enjoyed his in a cup.  There was some serious cone envy going on.  You may have to take the plunge and the mess that comes with it!
 Our visits are never long enough and hopefully I can visit California again, but this time I'll bring the whole fam with me!  Miss you guys!



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  1. Great blog post! We were waiting to see if we would make the cut:)

    Great seeing everyone and can't wait for the Crawford clan to come out and visit us!