Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We Moved!

We said goodbye to Cedarhill on Saturday and as expected it was very bittersweet.  It was where we became a family and truly a house that we made a home.  Tears were certainly shed but there was also so much excitement and anticipation for what was ahead. 

We had to battle a little bit of rain when our crap belongings arrived, but I was in my glory with the movers.  Directing their every move and not once did someone give me $hit about it.  I can only imagine how many arguments and yelling there would have been if I was directing Billy and the rest of the men in our families.  Tony the Mover, you are being thanked by many.
 And speaking of thanks, Billy and I were fortunate that Jocelyn offered to spend the afternoon with the kids on Friday and that the grandparents took Lauren and William from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.  We still have so much work ahead, but we felt we really took advantage of our weekend without them to get the house ready.

 By the time they arrived their rooms were put together and they were so excited.  And in disbelief that we could bring our furniture with us.  I wish I had more pictures of them running through the house and exploring, but my camera was dead and it took me a day to find the charger.  
It didn't take me long though to dive into my closet.  Billy discovered me and said, "of course you would be doing this."  To those who know me well, would you think this would go any other way?  Organizing a closet may be low priority to most, but to me it was a sense of peace in the middle of chaos.  Everything is in one place, I'm in heaven.  In fact, all the kids closets, pantry and linen closet were all completed before we moved in.
 We took a walk on our first night together to the end of the street.  Our street is two blocks long and this is at the end.  This gorgeous little spot, complete with a little bench too!



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