Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Last Call

Boxes are slowly getting packed up, and I actually found one box that was never unpacked from our previous house.  My margarita set.  Funny too, because I love me some margs.  Packing up your whole life is so time consuming, not to mention stressful with my two loves joining me at every step.  My attempt at packing this morning was stopped every few minutes by fighting, crying or the every popular "I'm hungry."
We've tried to balance a Saturday of packing with a Sunday at the pool or a morning of tv while I pack followed by an afternoon at the park.  And a visit to the park last week got me thinking about what we'll be saying goodbye too.  So much thought has gone into where we are going that it's hard to savour what we're leaving. 
Our little park was our favorite summer spot last year.  We became besties with our neighbors around the block and did everything from picnics, water ballons, and even a very lame attempt an at Olympic obstacle course at this very special park.  
I even caught myself saying "this could be our last visit"...though our official move date is still TBD.  I'd love to make a little bucket list for the things I'd like to revisit or visit before we move, but our move is only taking us thirty minutes from here.  The restaurants and farmers market will always be the same and will give us a good excuse to come back.  

It's the people we will miss.  I've made some great friends through my kids and as much as I'm thrilled to be moving close to all my BFF's, it's still hard to say goodbye.  We've got a few more weeks and while there isn't a bucket list, we're trying to make for friends in between packing.



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