Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring is in the air.... Right?

Whether Spring is here to stay or the warm weekend weather is another tease, I'm done complaining. I wanted to scream waking up this morning at the rain outside, but instead I'm laughing at the clouds and I'll be singing in the rain if I have to because I'm done complaining.
Today, I'm going to celebrate a few things remind me of Spring...
Shoes without socks
I haven't worn socks since William was born because that day it was over 60 degrees and as far as I'm concerned winter is over...I'll settle for cold feet.
We were at Trader Joe's the day it came out. Even though drinking just a half of one made me buzzed, it was still amazingly good and totally reminded me of the warm weather to come! We are also going to Kalamazoo for Sean's graduation and hoping to get a tour at Bell's Brewery
Side Salads
We all love the comfort food of winter, but we bbq'ed on Sunday and I made one of my favorite spring/summer side salads (recipe courtesy of Meghan P.)....buh-bye lasagna and crock pots fav's....hello, homemade tabouleh and all my favorite pasta salads. Looking for new ones too, if anyone has any to share?
I planted these in the fall and I'm a little surprised they surfaced this spring. You just never know if you did it right. And I love these because yellow is my favorite springtime color. I'm pretty much obsessed with all things yellow right now, like this skirt or these napkins and placemats.

Is that a smile? Maybe! Spring will forever give us a reason to celebrate! I love birthdays and planning parties, so next year when February is oh so gross, I will get through it by planning William's first birthday!
My new ride
A craigslist find for a whopping $80! She needs a little love, but how good am I gonna look riding this bike with two kids in tow? haha! I'm getting a basket and to go along with my basket I found these cute liners.

If you are as frustrated as I am about the weather, make your own list. Or better yet, comment and tell me!

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